Why cities should plant more trees

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Over 3 million people die annually from air pollution. Planting trees can help lower that number.

Read more: http://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2016/11/4/13510352/planting-trees-pollution-heat-waves

Check out The Nature Conservancy report, “Planting Healthy Air”: https://global.nature.org/content/healthyair


Trees help improve public health by cleaning and cooling the air around them. As the threat of climate change steadily increases, planting trees is a fairly simple way city leaders can help stem the negative consequences of rising temperatures and increasing population density.

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38 Responses

  1. Deeva Thomas says:

    It’s so sad that trees only give us oxygen

  2. PlanetTube says:

    I found out a way to save the world from global warming. We need to create like a bacteria or organism that uses methane and carbon dioxide as a source of energy. We could do this by just adding certain genes that plants have, to bacteria or that organism, And than just sit and wait. Share this so that we could save the world. If you have and questions here is my email: [email protected]gmail.com.

  3. Preesa Wong O.O Travel Vlogs & U-life says:

    How do you know trees can clean the air within 100 ft.?

  4. BitSkulker says:

    2:22 What'u doing America??? (And the rest of the G7 countries)

  5. fxris xmxli says:

    Visit Singapore and you know he's talking about.

  6. The Outliers says:

    Use Ecosia as a search engine…They plant trees from their earnings Ecosia.org
    You can donate 3 bucks a month(Recurring) To plant 30 trees from that every month…that's a plant every day of the year

  7. Lunden says:


  8. Suga-ree iced Tae says:

    Lmao isn't this what Singapore is doing?

  9. Hai Lin Liang says:

    This is why my room looks like a forest

  10. Ken_ Kaneki says:

    But INDIA is so populated that there is no space in delhi to even move and now ur talking about trees

  11. Memetainment says:

    Gud now to cities skylines

  12. Obada Ak says:

    its true im from syria damascus in my street we had trees in the middle of each street in the morning it was my best time smelling the leafs when i came to egypt i got sick in first week here they dont plant trees not like my area back home even tho they got water but they dont really plant allot of trees here but its beautiful here if we dont count the inflation

  13. K4MR4N1UK123 says:

    Can you talk a bit slow so kids who are trying to learn can hear and understand something. Instead of Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla. In your local American drawl.

  14. Hafiz X says:

    Singapore plants trees everywhere! Including cities!!

  15. Charge Rim2 says:

    Ahem it is transpiration that releases water vapour NOT photosynthesis

  16. Srijan Rit says:

    Really London, that's the best solution you could come up with!

  17. Kevin Lau says:

    Vancouver, BC have lots of trees.

  18. Anatuia Huffam-Mutu says:


  19. Archer V. says:

    is better way buy a ELECTRIC CAR… tesla.

  20. Amit Cohen says:

    Go trees

  21. Who knows says:

    Myrtle avenue/broadway station in NYC needs massive amount of trees scattered around. There’s so much carbon dioxide under that train station that you best to believe there’s someone coughing up a lung every five minutes.

  22. Nick Lamgamer says:

    trees need time to grow, and are hazards when hurricane or typhoon comes, while artificial air filters can last longer due being reinforced, and don't need water.

  23. Ausgapore Tan says:

    Vancouver and Singapore plants the most number of trees per square meter foot in the world

  24. Jacob Henderson says:

    Lmao just vacuum the air

  25. holy guacamole says:

    We have a lot of trees in singapore, the "garden city" and its great. But sadly we have so little land so it doesnt make much different

  26. Giani Batalha says:

    Here in Texas already have a lot of trees but could use more

  27. conflict gamer says:

    But it takes a long long time

  28. Seb Daniels says:

    you forgot that trees also convert CO2 in to oxygen

  29. Sean Tonsing says:

    My brother's apartment in New Delhi is like the amazon forest because he loves plants

  30. Kamote Tops says:

    2:192:29 Sadly, My city decides to tree cutting is a MUST for road widening.
    Road widening for the city streets that is, NOT for major roads.

  31. Umar Yusuf says:

    Right know Pakistan is planting 14,000,000 trees all over the country.

  32. Sarunas Liktoravicius says:

    Vilnius is almost a forest

  33. Shivangi Aggarwal says:

    Trees provide clean air. I should say "No doy!" but people have degenerated enough to actually require being told that trees are good.

  34. Indra Ida Bagus says:

    I think rather than basing on population density map, volume of traffic, speed, and the kind of vehicles would be the most effective way to see where to plant. Not only does commercial and office spaces not counted as population(maybe), planting on a street with 10 houses would be lest effective than a concentrated area where people work/shop.

  35. Amandip Singh says:

    cities in India surely need a lot more trees.

  36. Jesi Porreca says:

    Great video. It would be nice to mention native plants. You can not plant Asian plants in the US. Please be aware of that!

  37. ace wang says:

    Uhm. Singapore has loads of flowers and trees on highways, cities and towns. There are too many!

  38. LieLuo says:

    I just love this channel

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