Watering Cactus and Succulent Plants

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Proper watering is one of the most important factors in growing a healthy cactus or succulent. Potting mixture, drainage, containers, seasons, and the size of plant all play a factor when considering the best time to water a cactus.

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  1. Lauren Mona says:

    DO NOT SOAK succulents or cacti. They store water and their cell walls will literally rupture if they are overwatered, the whole plant will die from the inside out. It is easier to kill succulents from overwatering than underwatering. If they do not dry out within a day or less they will develop root rot and die. Squishy does NOT mean more water, you will find that if you over-water your plants will often turn pale and squishy and begin to die, cacti will get squishy from the bottom spreading upwards and die when overwatered. Succulents like to be warm and dry and require little and seldom water. I have a houseful and porchful of succulents and work in a nursery. Soaking succulents is a big no. Squishy generally means quick overwatered death happening.

  2. prsnr42 says:

    Id be worried about totally soaking the plant as it may not be able to dry out quick enough and then lead to root rot. Esp if you're in a colder environment or you're using poor draining soil. I definitely need to cut back on watering my Eastee Cactus. I just cant help thinking they're thirsty lol

  3. Brenda Sullivan says:

    i water mine every 2 weeks zero winter except for certain ones. i also use clay pots.

  4. Maria Debreczeni says:

    Wanderfool!! Love all plant,!! have a Nice day!!

  5. coco water says:

    Oh god, i watered my succulents every week…… oh no, thank god they are still alive despite that

  6. Pavani raj diy crafts says:

    how about moon cactus

  7. Graziane Alves says:

    por favor traduza para o portugues sou brasileira nao sei ingles

  8. Arthur Yellin says:

    EXCELLENT video. Thank you!

  9. Plant Maven says:

    Thank you – very helpful.

  10. Laura Munro says:

    What is the succulent called at 0:28? I have one and it grew for a a short amount of time really fast but it just stopped? I'm trying to figure out how much to water it and some people say let it soak and them some say spray it.

  11. GypsyGlyph says:

    What is a long, long time?

  12. Pople BackyardFarm says:

    enjoyed this

  13. Rosi Ferdinandova says:

    Very helpful and simply + well explained! Thank you!

  14. AirPickles says:

    In the deserts along the Pacific coast of South America (Peru, Chile) there most certainly are thick banks of fog that condense on succulent plants– often in the complete absense of rain or other precipitation. I've had excellent results simulating this environment by regularly misting my succulent plants with a spray bottle and never watering them.

  15. ladyalaska2012 says:

    I see that you have a Christmas cactus that has a red leave. Are there some that are like that?I don't see much of them. Someone just gave me a Christmas cactus plant like that and it has pink  on the leaves. What does that mean? The leaves are thinning out and wrinkling like it's dying. You have any advice to help me save this plant?

  16. Sal Petrillo says:

    VERY basic, but helpful.

  17. Celeste J says:

    Very helpful!

  18. LENA EGROJOB says:

    Awesome inf.. Thanks!

  19. chilipepperfann says:

    This was helpfull, thanks!

  20. Shaun Clark says:

    A great video. Thank you. 😀

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