Special: Descansco Gardens

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Lost L.A.: The Descanso Gardens explores the history of one of southern California’s most-beloved public gardens.

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  1. Dan M says:

    This was a wonderful story by Lost in LA. Much of the history about the gardens I had learned as a ten-year-old boy I have forgotten. This was a great reminder. As a boy with a disability from 1968-74, I was part of the Harvest Garden project in 1970. We grew a garden of vegetables teaching us how food grew and how to cultivate it from seeds to harvest. I was able to convince my family that we needed to go there so I could show my garden to them. We spent a light rainy day there and I was able to show my garden bed to my family from afar. Sadly the garden area was closed off and had to look at it through a fence. But, I still was able to show it to them and where it was located in there. I also had my picture taken by the old Herald-Examiner newspaper of me and a few other kids in my garden. Our family lost the picture moving and I am still looking for it in the old paper through the public library. One of the best memories of my childhood being there.

  2. Shoe Shine Boy says:

    Descanso Gardens and the LA Arboretum were my favorites

  3. detoured briefly says:

    this is spectacular

  4. detoured briefly says:

    so d e e p

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