Simple Peony Table Flowers Arrangement

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8 Responses

  1. Dave Fairweather says:

    I absolutely love your arrangements thank you so much for bringing the joy of flower arranging to us newcomers please let's see more Church arrangements I am hoping to join Church flower rota soon

  2. Shoshana Rosen says:

    I just found your channel and i love it! so helpful, beautiful, and great ideas!! thank you!

  3. Julie Speer says:

    Thank you, achievable! What a good idea!

  4. Lu ODell says:

    That is stunning, I love Peony's and hydrangeas. I would have never thought of using them together, unfortunately they bloom at different times here. I do have peony and a snowball bush ( Viburnum Macrocephalum) that bloom at the same time. Next spring instead of a vase full of Peony's I will be making a paper mache lace bowl full of peony's and snowballs!

  5. Wanda Burns says:


  6. Shannon Godwin says:

    What would you suggest for an October wedding center piece? I don't want to go for Halloween I want classy lol

  7. M K says:

    gorgeous! so pretty! one of my personal favorite looks!

  8. Carla Miller says:

    So cute!!

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