Shed Sessions – Josh Record ‘Skin’

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Hey there,

We’re proud to present the second episode of Shed Sessions!

Behind the scenes:

Josh Record is a british alternative artist and a good friend of ours. He received critical acclaim for his album Bones and recently released a new one titled Pillars. We think he’s fantastic and deserves far more recognition. As such we’re proud to present Josh Record performing ‘Skin’ in our garden shed.

We had a lot of fun filming this. After the small incident with the bees, the following week Stavros presented us with a freshly made pot of honey. What a lovely man!

Listen to Shed Sessions on Sound Cloud:

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If you enjoy Shed Sessions please consider checking out Songs from the shed. They’re a fantastic fellow british channel also featuring musicians in a garden shed… The difference is that theirs is slightly larger and they’ve been doing it slightly longer!

Sound Engineer: Scott Quinn
Series Producer: Charly Cox
Director: Jack Harries
Camera Operator: Jack Harries
Producer: Finn Harries

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45 Responses

  1. Ra S says:

    so so so beautiful!

  2. Lorena Paredes says:

    I was searching for this song for so longggggg ❤️

  3. Jana Khabouri says:

    These were so good I miss them so much

  4. Hanson Ha says:

    Still here.

  5. 陈韵西 says:

    omg the voice!!!

  6. Lucero Salinas says:

    i cant begin to explain how deep this is for me

  7. Caroline Heater says:

    The harmony omg

  8. Caroline Heater says:

    This made me cry and gave me goosebumps all over

  9. Yerisha Maharani says:

    I just watched this. This is beautiful omg

  10. Kenneth Bowry says:

    Wonderful, well done Guys.

  11. Marie t says:

    This is such a beautiful song! I love these Shed Sessions!

  12. sierra maurer says:

    I'm impressed. So much soul

  13. Arabic with Esra says:


  14. jocelyn vital says:


  15. its ME says:

    Anyone else prefer their new videos?

  16. Amy Liu says:

    the harmonies are golden

  17. Cal S says:

    Their harmonies, to me, are the definition of harmony. Their voices all compliment each other so beautifully. Amazing performance!

  18. Pizza Passta says:

    Impeccable harmony!

  19. Hazel Reyes says:

    I love your videos

  20. Marla Ariel says:

    i love this song!!!!!!!

  21. Marla Ariel says:

    its really amazing!

  22. Denhef Digital says:

    Very clean vocals, love it ! Want to work with me, I´m a music composer ? 🙂

  23. Rebecca Lindström Ortiz says:

    open a new window and search on "ocean sounds" on youtube. play it in the background while listening to "shed sessions" playlist. sound sooooo relaxing :3

  24. elena whiteman says:

    LOVE it!!!

  25. Aura Charisse says:

    Lyrics for this please? Beautifuuul

  26. Katie Davies says:

    This is beautiful.

  27. chayo mb says:

    I demand this to be in Spotify.

  28. DrawingIsMyOxygen says:

    I'm so tired of seeing these little girls complaining that Jack and Finn have changed in a way that isn't to their liking. This is the true beauty of cinematography and if you can't accept that this is how it is now, then why are you still here? They have grown in an amazing way and are putting out truly beautiful and meaningful content now. Their videos were great before but they have matured and their channel has with them. Don't like it? Too bad because this is what is making them happy and if you really cared for them then that is what's important to you. They've given you so much already and they don't owe you anything so stop acting like your entitled to deciding what they want to do with their channel because your not. We don't call it their channel for no reason. It's theirs and they decide what content to put out to make them happy. If they please people along the way, that's great, but this is for them.

  29. MrDustibear says:

    Hey Jack! I used to watch consistently, time for a marathon! Keep doing what you do!

  30. Aída Verónica González Escalante says:

    This is so romantic!
    Qué romántica canción!
    Какая романтическая песня!

  31. Tsemi 0-0 says:

    The moment the song started,I knew I was going to love this video…

  32. Ashley Chong says:

    shed sessions is my favorite thing on youtube and i'll never regret subscribing to JacksGap

  33. Alice Chesire says:


  34. Beatriz E says:

    Somehow I always find myself coming back to this video.

  35. Sarah Kanizay says:

    So beautiful..

  36. Pauline Uyseco says:

    It's sad that JacksGap has matured in terms of their content but some viewers didn't quite mature with them. They deserve all praise and love for such content that actually means something creatively.

  37. May says:

    Shit song

  38. alli ross says:

    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Thats all i can say.

  39. Grace Lam says:

    omg sheesh goosebumps when he started singing sososo good

  40. Alec Cor says:

    i`ll never get tired of jg! God its amazing

  41. BlueNBlack says:

    This is my favorite segment!!!

  42. Rebzy says:

    "There's a swarm of bees… This is stavros, he owns the bees… He's not too sure what to do" ahhhahahahahahahahah 

  43. Elise Deadwiler says:

    Im in love with this song. Im gonna play it at my wedding.

  44. GRACE says:


  45. Diana Estefany Rito Anguiano says:

    Oh please!

    I love this videos… shed sessions are pretty :'3

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