[SDC] Gardener style

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I like to plant things

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7 Responses

  1. Hobnob says:

    i would like to know the name of the track

  2. jamfour says:

    Maybe one day he’ll upgrade to the MLG 13 Evasive Style which adds rolling.

  3. Hazzmango says:

    This pleases me greatly

  4. CMDR Mr Skelly says:

    Really funny editing, some RL stuff made me a bit of a trainwreck that day so I hoped you enjoyed the one off salt!!! 😀

  5. CMDR Tony Curtis says:

    The Federal "A"-salt Ship is so wonderful..

  6. That 90s Kid says:

    I cant keep up with all you memel0rds.

    Be careful railing people that hard. You could get someone pregnant.

  7. TheAirsucker says:


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