Robert Plant – Carry Fire (Live)

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Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters perform “Carry Fire,” the title track to his 2017 album, live at the O2 Apollo Manchester on November 30, 2017. Get the album at

Directed by Ryan Mackfall
Produced by Crashburn Media


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36 Responses

  1. Larry Clark says:

    If the afterlife carries with it the promise of hearing this legendary man’s voice, I am ready to die now. There are no words to express how his music and talent makes me feel.

  2. Philip Dennis says:

    Incredible guitar at the end!!

  3. Nebiha Cristofaro says:


  4. Norma Pio says:

    E tem gente que fala que um tal de chimbinha é o melhor guitarrista do mundo né cachoeira.Tá de brincadeira né cachoeira…

  5. Norma Pio says:

    Igual aos melhores vinhos n é cachoeira ,quanto mais velho melhor, mas muito melhor,Robert Plant.

  6. Aaron Doyle says:

    Holy shit, not gonna lie. I thought his voice would have aged but it's still the exact same. Chills man

  7. Kerri Miqueli says:

    Holly Shit!! Send me tome more, Robert Plant.

  8. Eric's Fresh Fish Market says:

    Simply magnificent! Musicians every one of 'em, and Robert Plant couldn't have aged better. Thank you so much!

  9. Cecil Lewis says:

    Like fine wine, the music is just as great

  10. Charles Kennedy says:

    I hope you all agree with what I am about to say …Robert seems like an expert and understanding what his voice can do as he ages ….He adapts beautifully to what he is capable of doing and gets the best out of it…what a beautiful and haunting song

  11. Анатолий Черняк says:


  12. Saravanan V says:

    I wish they hire a carnatic musician for this band.

  13. Jerrel Hawkins says:

    This is the best song Robert Plant has wrote. I like  it better than Kashmir. I couldn't go see him last night here in Kansas City. Tickets are to high to go see any one!!!

  14. Dave Parsons says:

    Who is the awesome band?

  15. Alfredrafn Gigja says:

    In the mystical style of his spiritual quest

  16. cathy casteil says:

    Cet homme est l archetype de l artiste parfait.. Quand d autres frisent le ridicule en se prenant encore pour des jeunes premiers à un âge avancé,Lui R. Plant a su évoluer sans jamais renier la rock star ni le sex symbol qu il fut. Au delà de son immense et unique talent,il dégage encore une vraie présence d où émane une douce sensualité troublante et émouvante. Ce grand bonhomme est à lui seul un hymne au rock,à la vie.Depuis le temps qu il m "accompagne",pour sûr, le jour où il va casser sa pipe,je préfère ne pas y penser. C est une parti de moi même qui partira aussi. Je me plais à espérer partir avant lui……….

  17. AND S says:

    His voice doesn't change, incredibly amazing

  18. JA Olive says:

    Wonderful. The introduction part of this song is transcendental.

  19. Kelly Lynn Mitchell says:

    Holy crap!!

  20. Toikuto Assumi says:

    Just love listening to his voice, but with the led Zeppelin it's just magistic. His voice is still so awesome and timeless!

  21. Cosmo V says:

    Happy Birthday Robert, 70 today!!!!! See you next month in Tucson, can't wait!!!!

  22. Ferenc Andras Szilagyi says:

    fantasztikus még közel 70-évesen is!

  23. Anglo Saxon says:

    Happy Seventieth birthday Robert.

  24. luzia venturini says:

    Robert sempre Robert .. incansavelmente perfeito!!!

  25. Mikael Olsson says:

    Happy birthday Robert Plant. Keep up the good work. Amazing song.

  26. [email protected] kivimäki says:

    Happy birthday robert may god give you lot of happines and god health 🙂

  27. Jade Praerie says:

    Greatest living voice, Robert Plant.

  28. Pat Ilott says:

    An exotic feel about this song

  29. Chrisina Whaley says:

    He's real

  30. joker86CJ says:

    Only the immense Robert Anthony PLANT could recreate this wonderful pearl sound with a magical and Middle Eastern flavor. Long live rock n roll.

  31. Ramiro Reyna says:

    Amazing Sound of Music!

  32. Paweł Kanawka says:

    Still the same voice!!! Robert Plant U are soooo amazing!!!!!!!

  33. Emin Kurnaz says:

    I've touched kissed, drink tea and chat with Robert Plant in İstanbul Tour in 1998.Lucky me.I've got signature for my LZ3 cover from Jimmy Page and Michael Lee.

  34. Daryl Watson says:

    Mesmerizing … Robert Plant your a you man ..

  35. Renee Baar says:

    Be kind the good are rewinding can you see ? Feel yourself for a pulse and shame on you .

  36. Dennis Dunn says:

    hell yes !!

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