Red Wigglers Thrive Over Winter In Outdoor Compost Bin

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Red wigglers survive, thrive, and multiply over the winter in an outdoor compost bin in the Chicago area (zone 5).

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  1. dowfor7 says:

    One of the more informative things I get from the series of videos is your retrospective on your own older videos. I try to benchmark the OYR pre- and post-hoop house. Would you add anything in particular to this video?

  2. Brendan Ebner says:

    I am composting about 1/2 cubic yard of 2/3 browns (cardboard) and 1/3 food and yard waste in an aerated plastic garbage can (holes every couple inches all over). We never got into the truely hot (120-140) composting stage, not enough volume I think, but will be composting it over the next 8-9 months while adding to it dail. I was going to start a vermicomposting setup but would also like to throw in 1/2-1 pound of uncle jims red wigglers into my garbage can compost setup. We are zone 8b in Seattle so wet but mild winters. Would this idea work? If we add worms to the compost bin can we continue to turn it or will that crush or disturb the worms too much? thanks for your advice, Your videos are highly informative.

  3. Lisa says:

    Interesting. I'm in North Downers and would love to overwinter them outside when I get too much. I imagine it helps that you have 'walls' on your bin?

    I also want to ramp up the earthworms in the garden.

  4. Cikgu Hassan says:

    how do avoid centipedes hiding under those leaves..i often find them in my compost piles

  5. Louisa Agate says:

    Hey Patrick I see you add the worms right into your garden so does that mean you buy more red wigglers every season for the compost bin?

  6. dhk227 says:

    Would you put Alabama Jumpers in your garden?
    I have had great success with red worms in an outside compost bin in Zone 5

  7. d.b. Sorensen says:

    I am using a pair of 3'wide x 3'deep geo bins for composting in Tulsa any good worm picks for these piles?

  8. John Gerstmann says:

    I live in zone 4 tending to 3.  Any ideas how to make a worm survivable compost bin for that type of winter?  Thanks for any ideas.

  9. dhk227 says:

    Doesn't it get too hot in the summer to have red worms in the compost bin?
    I built 3 compost bins last fall and would like to add worms when they cool down
    but in July and August they would stay well above 80 degrees.
    I live near Davenport Iowa.

  10. Joan Smith says:

    Have you seen the ceramic compost pots on dailydump website? I bet your wife wouldn't mind having these around. They are beautiful and are meant to be kept in plain site.  I saw a video of a lady from India successfully vermicomposting in them also.  They have made composting and vermi-composting pretty! Problem is they are in India and don't ship to the US.  

  11. Rob Bob's Aquaponics & Backyard Farm says:

    They looked very happy in there Patrick..
    Many in there this season ?
    Cheers sir 🙂

  12. jerry prewett says:

    coworker gave me 3 rabbits, he dont want them ,put straw under hutch to catch manure, going to get worms for that, composting straw leaves kitchen waste &manure should be ok ?

  13. jerry prewett says:

    im glad you said where you live iv been wanting worms did not think they would be ok in winter if you can there i can here

  14. OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

    If your compost pile is hot, the earth worms won't come until it cools down. If you have worms in your yard, they will eventually make their way to the compost pile.

  15. OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

    I wasn't able to find red wigglers for free, but they are pretty cheap. I bought 1,000 of them for under $20 a few years ago, and they have multiplied like crazy. I bought mine from unclejimswormfarm com

  16. belly ypma says:

    where do i find Red wigglers for free
    i just started a compost bin in my garden but I don't see worms yet.

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