Plants vs Zombies – Yeti Found!! – Learn how

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Ok, heres how you find the Yeti!! one of the coolest rares from this amazing game.

You need to complete the adventure mode once, then repeat it until level 4-10, this i where you are gonna find it. It’s the level where all the pool is dark and you only get to see stuff when the lightnings strike.

The Yeti will appear in the startup screen where all the zombies are gathered when you are picking up plants. Then he will make his masterful appearance nearing flag #2 during the level. Minute 4:42 in this video.

He isn’t tough and drops a pair of diamonds when he dies. After you beat this level, the Yeti may appear randomly in other levels, but you got to do this first. He also appears in your zombie almanac once you have found him.

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26 Responses

  1. Cristian Birrueta says:

    I didn't saw the yeti zombie in 4-10!! O_O

  2. Flipaclip Animations says:

    I saw him at BEGHOULED and I was like what the yeti?! But he escaped 🙁

  3. Isaac Big brother says:

    Beat the game. Can't find the YETI!!!!!!!

  4. K. says:

    I'm still playing this. #2018

  5. Rafael Solis says:

    Oh golly, this level

  6. Maldive 's says:

    04:44 i found yeti

  7. Greencheese says:

    Im the one who's playing this i think.

  8. Mieze Katze says:

    Wow instand sub 🙂

  9. Alan Garcia says:

    …. my life suck

  10. Skull Flame says:

    do people still watch this when its back in 2009

  11. Twisted Tycoon says:

    Im playing in 2018

  12. NekoTamo says:

    i played that level 2 time i didnt get him

  13. Nathaniel says:

    Nope im still playing dis

  14. LuckyManRoblox says:

    This game still old but who play this game in 2018 like if you agree

  15. Ghost- Zero says:

    That's Quality

  16. Linette Albarran says:

    I would play that level and if i dont see them in the group of zombies, restart.

  17. abdul maudud says:

    Is it true ?l have played this level but l have not seen yeti.

  18. BigBad PlushMovies says:

    I found 2 yetis in survival endless

  19. Master Eye says:


  20. Paul Castillo says:

    Still waching 2018 :O

  21. lukagamer2010 says:


  22. lukagamer2010 says:


  23. Asda man Mental says:

    2018 lol

  24. benri bro says:

    Can this comment get 1m likes

  25. Mohamed Kamer says:

    I found the yeti zombie at 3-9 today then i put a hypno shroom then the game crashed

  26. KristenTrung Huynh says:


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