Planting Corn near Upper Sandusky Ohio

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Video from May of 2018 near Upper Sandusky Ohio of an Agco Challenger tractor pulling a White 60 foot wide planter. This planter is a 36 row planter on 20 inch spacings.

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18 Responses

  1. Richard H says:

    Nice rig 8inches of snow west of kansas city today…

  2. Mike Hoffmann says:

    Plant in the dust the bins will bust.

  3. Joseph Sakovich says:

    Editing on January 2018? You mean 19 lol

  4. SS LAND TECK says:

    Great video and nice Tractor!

  5. G The Senator says:

    I asked a friend of mine who lives in Ohio. I asked, when you back out of your driveway and turn out of your development, how long is it before you see a cornfield? She said, do you want that in minutes or seconds?

  6. Mackenzie Owen says:

    Good looking rig!

  7. DIRT&THUNDER says:

    That's the exact tractor/planter I would have on Farming sim if I played Farming sim… LOL Nice Video!!!

  8. Philip Logemann says:

    We got two of those planters, and we also got a Wil-Rich 60ft. toolbar, we are making three 24 row 30 inch spacing planters.

  9. Ridin' Green says:

    Always nice to see a tracked tractor working. Thanks for the video Mike.

  10. Micah Klompien says:

    What is your point of view on White equipment's planter do you think it would be a good buy?

  11. Brent Reid says:

    Nice video to watch on a cold winter day. Thank you Mike.

  12. Scruffy 61 says:

    Thank you Mile.

  13. tooez90 says:

    -18F this morning in Southern Ontario Canada

  14. Andrew Jacobson says:

    That is a thing of beauty. I love that combo. i did not yet realize white planters do have a "track" option.

  15. thr8061 says:

    That tractor really messes the rows up on the headland turns.

  16. sneakysnake109 says:

    Nice video Mike, great day for it. Freezing rain and 4-8 " snow predicted tonight and tomorrow here in KC MO.

  17. Joe Kersey says:

    A planter bigger than my house.

  18. Chad Shafer says:

    Love this Tractor planter combo.

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