Planting A Brassica Fall Food Plot

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Planting A Brassica Fall Food Plot
Planting a brassica fall food plot – S1 #24
This is our first time planting a fall food plot ever. We sprayed the grass, then plowed, then disced, then dragged. I seeded it with a hand held seed spreader then we used a cultipacker to pack the seeds down. I planted a combo of brassicas, winter wheat, clover, turnips, rape, and canola. This brassica fall food plot turned out really nice without a PH test and no fertilizer. I can’t wait to hunt over it this fall.
Planting A Brassica Fall Food Plot

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10 Responses

  1. James Ford says:

    I've seen this comment before, but there is something to be said and appreciated with your before and after videos. Gives all of us in this business a good basis to project growth. Granted location, time of year, etc… Well done young man!!!

  2. sam hawkins says:

    why is your tree stand in the middle of the food plot..

  3. Tom Behrens says:

    where are you located in Wisconsin

  4. Tom Behrens says:

    great video

  5. CCGG262 says:

    did you lime? fertilize?

  6. Steve Sidello says:

    We have had no rain at all this fall, got 3 food plots and none more than 3" tall planted 35 days ago, are you watering this daily?

  7. Huntin Grounds says:

    Another great looking plot!

  8. bowhuntingforlife says:

    What you said was clover is actually peas.

  9. Randy Richards says:

    Must be some good dirt.

  10. Robert Curtis says:

    Plot looks outstanding!!! Nice job. Now it's time for some urea. Really give it a boost.

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