Nascar Grass Moments

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36 Responses

  1. Enoch enogaming09 says:

    top ten nascar crashes at Daytona

  2. Renville80 says:

    68 lawn care professionals disliked this video.

  3. schnitzel Esser says:

    How can they always repair the grass at daytona??

  4. Julian Brown says:

    "NO DON'T GO IN THE GRASS! NO!!!!!!"

  5. Rubens Valdo Martins Marchiori says:


  6. Tea98760 says:

    8:16 high speed contact

  7. Sludge says:

    They should have called Julie.

  8. bhord2010 says:

    Such a shame Kyle Busch survived that crash.

  9. Johnclay Alvareda Video on Pilipinas says:

    Do nascar grass moments 2

  10. Charles Jacob Figueroa says:


  11. H GamerBoy815 Vlogs says:

    0:00 speaking of… Denny Hamlin's tire fails

  12. BlueJay 499 says:

    09 didn’t thank his driving teacher so the teacher rigged the car to crash

  13. Mary Balmer says:


  14. Jodi Tart says:

    kyle busch never stop doing youtube I am your biggest fan.
    I come to auto club speeday and sit by the speed sigh
    I hope you win the race on March 17 , 2018
    I will be there kyle
    You are my favorite

  15. Timoteo Cruz says:

    “Sploopy?” That has to be one of the oddest things I’ve heard DW say

  16. Sludge says:

    Call JULIE before you dig.

  17. Dimentio fan 890 says:

    you forget Jamie mcmurray 2018

  18. bigmancan1 says:

    Geez DW is clueless

  19. Chester Copperpot says:

    That video of Kyle Busch getting spun out and then flipped onto his roof makes me very happy. I wish it would happen more often.

  20. Amy Glimpse says:

    So satisfying to see the grass explode. I feel bad for the drivers

  21. Jake aka Remaggib says:

    Seems like Danica was the cause of a third of the wrecks here.

  22. Jayden Lee says:

    This is how you go green LOL

  23. Rohan Webster says:

    whelp now its kurt busch no diff boath of them are idiots

  24. Rohan Webster says:

    i enjoyed every moment on that second crash mainly involving kyle busch

  25. Ashton Davis says:

    Kyle is terrible

  26. Elite Dude says:

    4:23 is it me or did I hear the n word? I mean that's exactly wat it sounded like.

  27. SuperFnafbendybros 1987 says:

    And worst roll overs in histroy

  28. SuperFnafbendybros 1987 says:

    Actsadenal crashes

  29. kineticdeath says:

    lol destroying the car in celebration… oops

  30. Nicolas Cebey says:

    Jordan Floyd

  31. Nicolas Cebey says:

    crash at ( name mison mingus )

  32. Doomed RPG game player( The Doomed One) says:

    When ever a driver says they got smoke in the cockpit they're talking about Tony Stewart

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