mowing a lawn with a scythe

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Mowing a lawn with a scythe uses no petrol, creates no noise or pollution and is good exercise

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14 Responses

  1. MtnDrew406 says:

    It also takes forever. You forgot to add that.

  2. Vince Canger says:

    you forgot to mention the Badass Crop Circles you can make with these beasts, too

  3. John Armata says:

    All-in all, a fairly stupid comment! How else is gonna make an educational video? And it didn't seem to work on you.

  4. Richard Brown says:

    Yes the blade remains in contact with the ground at all times, sliding over the cut sward. The blade needs to be set-up carefully so that the leading cutting edge rides a cm or so higher than the back (this setting is called the 'lay'). the blade needs to be perfectly sharp as well. You might have a job achieving these with your dollar auction scythe.

  5. Alex's Odds and Ends says:

    When you mow do you let the back edge of the scythe ride along the ground with the cutting edge slightly higher up? I am restoring and re-snathing an old scythe a bought at an auction for a dollar and I want to try to mow my lawn with it while still being neat.

  6. alfredo alfaro says:

    how about the oil consumed to power the battery used to film this?

  7. Richard Brown says:

    Absolutely no alcohol, suntan lotion or grass was consumed during the making of this video!!!

  8. Simon Damant says:

    what about the alcohol you consumed I saw you have a swig and the eavy breathing, God how do the birds put up with it. On a technical issue your camera does not cope well with the white legs better get a suntan on them 🙂

  9. Richard Brown says:

    Thanks for your feedback. My blade is sharp – you cant mow a lawn without a fine edge. I am bringing my scythe back quite far – I am just letting my scythe flow with the natural swing of my body, with what feels right for me at the time. There is no weight in the cut grass so I am not needing to put in great amount of energy in, and at the empty back part of the return stroke the blade is just gliding effortlessly.

  10. Alonzo Branson says:

    Disposing of the grass cuttings would be the only issue I see.

  11. harryfaber says:

    No petrol used? You must feel guilty that you did not contribute to the profits of the petro-chemical corporations!
    Good stuff, well done.

  12. Ed Anthony says:

    Right! I just got mine and it already beats my human powered reel mower.

  13. akyramoto says:

    I love seeing how many people scythe with bare feet!! lol
    a whole lot different than gearing up with weed wacker preparing for random projectiles

  14. ThanksgivingWalk says:

    Well done! You make it look so easy.

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