Mother Tree

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Learn about the sophisticated, underground, fungal network trees use to communicate and even share nutrients. UBC professor Suzanne Simard leads us through the forrest to investigate this underground community.

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48 Responses

  1. Dávid Danos says:

    Please add captions for those who need them!!


  2. MC Glass says:

    What a gem ! The research Suzanne Simard has done shows that trees are individuals but not in the way that Darwin suggested individuals competing, survival of the fittest ,," in fact they are interacting with each other trying to help each other survive. " What a gem,,thank you !

  3. Jadiel Lima says:

    Could you subittle this? It can be in English

  4. Amanda Lee Dube says:

    this is why I'm a meatarian. I can't stand the thought of murdering the beautiful, sentient plants for food….

  5. RosyOutlook2 says:

    Tree and young saplings are being infested with aluminum, barium and strontium. Look up and speak up – help stop the deadly geoengineering of our skies.

  6. Joseph Wreggitt says:

    In regards to her statement about Darwin being wrong about his idea of "survival of the fittest," I believe she is somewhat confused. All that matters in the end is that the tree is able to pass on its genes to the next generation, and for that generation to live to pass its own genes on, and so forth. This symbiotic relationship between the fungi and trees of differing species is in fact beneficial to each individual tree's survival and its ability to pass on its genes.

    Also, communication requires an exchange of information or more importantly, the ability to process said information and react to it. There is no meaning imparted by one tree to the other. The two may be affecting and reacting to one another, however it does not suffice for communication.

  7. Andrii Kovalov says:

    That's really amazing! What's the point of transferring CO2 to young trees? They have limited sunlight, but the concentration of CO2 should be the same, and they should be able to get it from the atmosphere. Probably it's not CO2, but the carbohydrates (photosynthesis product) being transported?

  8. Dean Miller says:

    You are definitely, the Lorax.

  9. Stella Moon says:

    I know someone who has a tree with fungi in her crotch.

  10. House Of Dead Dolls says:

    Ha ha. I thought I heard the trees talking. I think they were talking about me.

  11. infiniteinfiniteinfi says:

    Competition leads to tyranny and scarcity.

    Cooperation leads to freedom and prosperity.

  12. phishmanmm says:

    In celebration of World Environment day!

  13. MegaMusicNotes says:

    Amazing insightful information!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

    I always loved trees, since I was very little. I hugged these protective giants.  
    I always feel so small and secure next to them. How lucky we are we have Nature!

  14. Carlos Pacheco Films says:

    Dear,, please add this subtitles in spanish, I want to share this video, thank you

  15. Stephanie Perlowski says:

    Yes in deed

  16. DreamingWorlds says:

    Thank you Dan, Julia, and Suzanne!

  17. CilmaMQ says:

    Thank you, very interesting and touching..

  18. Gallyshay A. says:

    Thank you <3 We are all connected! People too… but they have forgotten, yet it appears that more and more people are remembering.

  19. Benjamin E.J. Davies says:

    What is funji?

  20. Richard Stafursky says:

    Spiritual anthropomorphic words distort reality. The species' forest has no relationship to spirits, god or people.

    It is a lie to say the natural landscape can be seen using these anthropocentric terms: "communicating
    trying to help each other survive
    fungi hunt or scavenge
    who needs it
    mother trees
    working together
    like our brains work
    almost metaphysically related
    somebody is going to be left standing
    some of their legacy
    give back to the community
    passing of the wand"

    Her thousand-mile stare also is not in the here and the now. Spiritualism is imposing human attributes to the natural world. She is imposing the above semantics on top of the natural world aka spiritualism. That is what a spirit is. Spirit ideas always take on human forms and that is similar to "aliens'" always taking on human forms. We are well into The Age of Enlightenment" and we must be more progressive and take the human out of nature. The natural landscape existed for billions of years without people and human constructs (religion, spiritualism and fantasy). Alexander Von Humboldt showed that our recent cultural landscape is separate from the primordial natural landscape. Spiritualism like this tries to reverse this separation to achieve a purpose. This video is a pious lie. Very sad.

  21. gail zawacki says:

    Listen to the trees, they are trying to tell you something:  they are all dying prematurely from pollution.

  22. Dudley Barker says:

    wonderful Dan, thank you. is this part of a larger series? i got interested in the fungi network through #PaulStamets . there is just so much about the life of trees that we know almost nothing about, and yet owe our very lives to.

  23. semasiologistics says:

    What she is saying is true, there is a network beneath the forest, known as Mycelium, however it is also true that trees can put out poison that kills other plants and tress. It's not some "big loving superorganism." It's just that on a very fundamental level, they are connected and can share very basic components, like what she says. The rest is just metaphor.

  24. Arborjockey says:

    The Tree by Colin Trudge . He explains the communication extremely well. This lady works with a forest that has only 9 species of tree. In tropical forest there can be thousands and the communication is obvious.

  25. Ferhad Fidan says:


  26. mikejafo1 says:

    Hogwash, plants don't talk to each other or communicate, Good grief! 

  27. musick2138 says:

    well, even before i learned of the Wood Wide Web and Mothertrees, it did occur to me, that 'altruism' could be seen as the 'egoism' of more 'intelligent/enlightened' beings.
    A link to the peer reviewed journal would be nice-2-have.

  28. T Garner says:

    Where is a link to the peer reviewed journal?

  29. jwmarco21 says:

    how amazing

  30. Moonbeam says:

    This is great, I love trees.

  31. Christine Bailey says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I have been telling people this for the longest time!  The forestry commission, people who deal with wild areas, all totally ignorant of this truth, so many trees cut – so much pain. Maybe with this research it will stop this needless distruction of trees everywhere, this is my heart felt wish!

  32. Shony Kelet says:

    Thank you so much for this ,I just shared the link on my educational blog,it´s a really precious vid !

  33. esteban corral says:

    This what Paul Stammets wrote in his book "Mycellium Running." Is claiming it is her discovery?

  34. Thaulopi says:

    I grew up in a densely wooded area and always felt a benign presence surrounding me, protecting me and comforting me. Thus I have never felt alone in the woods but in cities. The great spirit, of which all indigenous peoples speak, is real, was real and will be real, with or without us being part of it. Time to choose, humanity!

  35. nuvivliu says:

    We are all one. Division is an illusion.

  36. UnbelievableROCKSTAR says:

    Wonderful work! A "Mother Tree"………..we need to take care of our mother trees and mother earth. Congrats from a microbiologist to you!
    Have you considered a TED talk?

  37. Roy CyberPunk says:

    This is straight out of Avatar amazing!

  38. Wen Rolland says:

    Great video! If you have more footage of this, I would love to see it!

  39. tox0tes says:

    nah dude trees don't have computers!

  40. Thene Singleton says:

    This is crazy significant proof that we are not the dominate life forms that we think we are!

  41. David Lutz says:

    Interesting thank you for sharing.

  42. Barbara Maldonado Campusano says:

    where can i find more information about this? a paper or something? thank you.

  43. says:

    Very interesting and considering all the wonderful discoveries we have made in nature it is not all that surprising, it makes sense; everything is connected!

  44. Moriah Walter says:

    Yes ..yes..yes…she is talking about what I already knew in the deep recess of my Being…<3

  45. laura bottaro says:

    great work!

  46. John Jorgensen says:

    Interesting video and viewpoint from professor Simard. There's some interesting material about the fungal connections (mycorrhizal root associations) over at TED talks. re: Paul Stamets. There's certainly a lot more science to be done so let's protect what old-growth forest we have left.

  47. marc VHorn says:

    I cannot post a link here. I get an error message. All you need to do is go to google and search this:

    fungus does not transfer wiley

    Look. It was a nice idea, but nice ideas don't always pan out. Let's see more thorough research from Simard

  48. EarthWindFireIce says:

    @bleutuber If you are going to site research, could you please at least include a link to it, or some sort of reference so that others could look up your source?

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