Lawn Mower Safety

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Lawnmowers are a familiar sight across suburban neighborhoods, and the source of avoidable injuries according to Dr. Tillman Jolly, emergency room physician. The Insurance Information Institute says before using a lawnmower check your lawn for rocks, sticks and other items that can be thrown out of the mower causing serious injuries. Never let a child ride on the mower as they can slip and fall into the path of the machine.

For more information about insurance, go to the I.I.I. Web site at

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  1. Insurance Information Institute says:

    Each year, approximately 75,000 people are injured seriously enough by   #lawnmowers  to require emergency room medical treatment. Only a small percentage of the injuries are caused by mechanical failure; most are the result of human error. Here are some tips to follow before and while #mowing  your #lawn

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