Lawn Care Mowing Series #4 – Mowing Thin Grass – Cutting Lawns With The Exmark Lazer Z X Series

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In this lawn care vlog I am cutting grass with the Exmark Lazer Z on a friends property. Usually I post videos of cutting super tall grass, but this one was actually pretty thin. My friend is selling his house, so I only mow the lawn here every few weeks, just to keep it in shape.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this lawn care vlog. If you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment down below! **Brian’s Lawn Maintenance is powered by**

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21 Responses

  1. Sam landscaping says:

    You have nice equipment to

  2. Sam landscaping says:

    Can you make more mowing vlog

  3. Oscar Salas says:


  4. Grass Daddy says:

    6:11 you got a mowing robot!

  5. Joe 4 Hire Lawn Care says:

    HI, great Video, I just got my free spool of Echo Black Diamond trimmer line yesterday. I saw it on a link on one of your videos. Thanks

  6. ryan smith says:

    Great Video, What earbuds are those ?

  7. Eugene Martin says:

    great video. How do you like those ISO earbuds? I'm looking for something new.

  8. David pelkey says:

    That's a badass mower u got there what size deck is that?

  9. Rufus LC says:

    Very cool footage!

  10. D. Gentry says:

    Nice bit of footage keepem rolling brother

  11. Kemmel Lawn Care says:

    Great video! You should try mounting the camera to the mower

  12. Mobile says:

    Number ninety six thumb up guy right here.

  13. ilike2mow says:

    What engine do you have on your lazer?

  14. GMS NAQAM says:

    a week behind? id be upset

  15. Chris Rowe says:

    Great Video man. Keep up the Great Work!!!

  16. 17hunters says:

    Good job on the videos love your mower!

  17. Rick Anderson says:

    That property has some great potential.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Matt Elsbury says:

    Love the video keep them coming.

  19. Adam Meador says:

    I love these kinds of videos!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Straightline Lawn Care says:

    are the oil marks on the new trailer floor?

  21. Fields of green Farming says:

    Nice video

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