KRONE BIG M 450 : MOWING GRASS WITH SUPER SPEED : Farming Simulator 19 Gameplay : Ravenport EP 15

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Farming Simulator 19 Gameplay! Today, we purchase a new field and turn it into our Grass/Silage Farm. Then, we buy the Krone Big M 450 Mod by Stevie! 500HP Mower with lots of speed and style!


Thanks for making me a part of your week!


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Farming Simulator 19:
The best-selling franchise takes a giant leap forward with a complete overhaul of the graphics engine, offering the most striking and immersive visuals and effects, along with the deepest and most complete farming experience ever.

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39 Responses

  1. Julian Hawe says:

    Krone can windrow

  2. JT Statzer says:


  3. JT Statzer says:

    I love that u think $111,000 is cheap

  4. Alltaira says:

    There is a wood sell point near the bale sell area so if you want to set up a tree farm you could use the hilly area behind/south of some of the current fields.

  5. El deplorable says:

    Do they let you kill zombies? In this game?

  6. cody james says:

    the mower can put the grass in a line for you,so you dont have to windrowe it

  7. Egor Yakubenku says:

    17:12 do a tree farm.

  8. Demon 223 says:

    The massive mower is super fast and really awesome looking!! I like that you can change that one and give it more power!! It would be great to get those 2 fields for trees!! What ever happened to the massive diesel designs harvester??You need that bad boy back on the farm!! I am glad you got a dog on your farm!! Skibidi is funny as heck. I was dying laughing when I seen that video!! I would name him or her little D!! ( like little diesel)!! Great vid diesel!! I can’t wait for the next episode!!

  9. TheMlgLovers says:

    wait there farming sim 19 I was watching ur stream since 2015

  10. Holden Menace says:

    It a van

  11. Holden Menace says:

    There is a new vehicle in thief simulator

  12. Jacob McAlister says:

    There is already a equestrian field on the map that giants made, it's next to field 11 and above field 17. Have fun 🙂

  13. Dale Cranfill says:

    Check the help window. That Krone mower might have the swathing option like the vanilla one does.

  14. connor gawliuk says:

    You dont need a windrower, u can change the swatch so it takes all 3 mowers and moves it into one clump in behind as if you had a windrower behind.

  15. ツF1MK3 says:

    do someone know if there is autoload mod for fs 19?

  16. Jason Anderson says:

    name the dog …ANNIE OAKLEY famous woman in western history

  17. bluntcity 6ix says:

    Better than the mower mod you had in farming simulator 17 when you had to drive it in reverse

  18. Ian Sharp says:

    Call her Sonja.

  19. Jee Aa En Lourens says:

    Thanks for a lovely episode full of fun, information and a great planning!

  20. Jee Aa En Lourens says:

    Call the dog Daisy

  21. froggintruckin says:

    13 is amazingly flat if you can snag it with 6/12 it's great for placeables

  22. GoldenJet08 says:

    You are funny bro

  23. GiantDuldi says:

    Call the dog ezekiel LOL

  24. MfKn KraZy says:

    and btw love your videos

  25. MfKn KraZy says:

    You can skip the windrowerif you set your work mode to swath dropping

  26. jdpremium power says:

    "Giggity" That keeps me laughing all time! And u can change the mower swath option to drop swath from wide spread (Giggity)

  27. Alex Lanes says:

    Im going to buy my krone mower today 🙂 , i got together 20 21 and 22 with grass to silage

  28. Tennif Shoe says:

    The Krone should have a option to window itself

  29. Jeremy Tauer says:

    Like 27 FTW!!!

  30. Jason Merbach says:

    I got your into down pack

  31. Speesh X says:

    The random voices you do keeps me laughing while learning about the game

  32. Chris says:

    You can change where the grass comes out, so you can set the grass to come out the middle in a row

  33. alex Smith says:

    19:52 Twisted Sister you're old!!

  34. Jason Merbach says:

    Welcome to Farming simulator 2019 baby woo ha ha

  35. FosmanHD says:

    once again im here commenting in the comment section while thinking of a funny comment to comment while commenting in the comment section. ah thank you and ah good night

  36. Jason Merbach says:

    Hi diesel

  37. h20 delirious fan says:


  38. Minecraft Jeff says:


  39. h20 delirious fan says:

    I love you videos

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