How To Preserve A Bouquet Of Flowers

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Floral expert Carol Macht demonstrates how to preserve a bouquet for a beautiful dried flowers. To View How-To Videos on Almost Any Subject Visit:

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32 Responses

  1. Tara Cunningham says:

    Can I preserve mushrooms this way?

  2. Zinab Mohamad says:

    ماهي هذه المادة؟؟

  3. Stacey Here we grow again says:

    Amazing video and so informational! Wow! Thank you so much! I grow so many herbs and veggies and getting into flowers so this is great!!

  4. لؤلؤة الجنة says:

    ما اسم المادة لي حطت داخلها الورد

  5. Sharon Childrey says:

    What a creative elegant way to display and keep your special flowers with you!

  6. Yajaira Herrera says:

    i have question can i spray paint the flower after the 2 weeks process

  7. lela says:

    could i do this with small flowers? and after preserving them can i store them in a jar full of mineral oil?

  8. Tracie Gaddy says:

    I know this video is older. I hope someone replies. The video says leave for 2 weeks the box I bought says 3 days? Is that long enough? I really don't want to mess these up they are white roses from my mom's casket spray. Please help. And can I use this on the greenery and baby's breath?

  9. Victoria Ciolek says:

    I had my wedding flowers preserved almost 20 yrs ago and she used this method, however I had Gardenia's in my floral arrangements and by themselves. She came and picked up the best ones. HOWEVER, within one yr of me paying for my wedding flowers. the gardenia's were BLACK and the rest of my flowers look like crap after I paid about $500.00 for the flowers to be preserved with out invitation in a wooden frame and what was suppose to be a glass bubble frame that she couldn't get so it is acrylic..IT LOOKS LIKE crap..but my question is, HOW can I at least get the Gardenia's replaced? I saw one woman at a craft show once, and can't find her, that freeze dried the Gardenia's and they were beautiful..SO can you help me, or explain to me what she did wrong or where I can get replacement dried Gardenia's…I am still so upset..and she went out of business about a yr later.. I wonder why!

  10. Joe_Daddy_1975 says:

    Glen Burnie in the house!

  11. Gabrielle says:

    This is really cool!! I will definitely use this method to preserve my Lei flower necklace! Thank you so much Carol for demonstrating with your colleagues.

  12. Sherrie Peppers says:

    Wax the flowers you get about a week they dont last u want to dry the flowers and then wax paper

  13. Sherrie Peppers says:

    This will only have the flowers for a week but them dry the flowers frist then in wax paper that how u have them for ever

  14. Stacy Johnson says:

    Is it ok to put these flowers on a wreath, that will go outside, or do these flowers need to remain indoors? Thank you.

  15. Kendrick fernandes says:

    Can this method be use on dyed flowers?

  16. tee dee says:

    Does the silica gel remove the natural scent of the rose?

  17. Rita Pelicano says:

    Where to buy silica powder?

  18. Elle Nygaard says:

    Could not watch…the voice.

  19. Ellya Brill says:

    Hello…I wanted to preserve dried leaves. Would this method work for dried leaves as well? Thank you so much.

  20. Jennie Ireland says:

    Hello! What is the name of the white stand you use to place in the acrylic tube? Can't seem to find anything like it online. TY x

  21. Rednax Brix says:

    Alright, lemme go get my silica gel I have casually sitting in the pantry.

  22. alexandria nguyen says:

    Interesting . Pretty. . Watch our channels: 1.Australian parakeets -Rising stars 2. Australian parakeets getting sleepy 3. Australian parakeets -Peace

  23. Marisol Hernandez says:

    What size are is the shadow box in this video? How deep is it?

  24. menna albasha says:

    how long does the flower last? if it is preserved in an open room?

  25. Kamruzzaman heru says:

    how long dose it servive ??????????

  26. Celzinha Curty says:

    Sou do Brasil, gostaria de saber o que é isso em pó? e quanto tempo as rosas ficam nessa caixa?

  27. Mary Thompson says:

    Been hanging get upside down for six years

  28. Mary Thompson says:

    My daughters Bouquet is very dry but I want to try preserve it stop it from falling into pieces

  29. Mary Thompson says:

    I didn't know about this till now have my daughter's wedding bouquet from at least 6 years ago hanging up sprayed it with hairspray but the pink roses have lost there colour can I re spray them pink with something safe and can I still preserve these in silica sand or not Any help is appreciated

  30. Sarah Tariq says:

    Can you preserve it with the stem?

  31. Toma Toma says:

    Hi. how could I know that flowers ready to take out from silica gel? will they have to be very dried or a little soft? thanks

  32. Starr Lite says:

    Great,vid. Thankz for the tutorial

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