How to move shed without dismantling easily with moving rollers! Move large shed without dismantling

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How to move a 12′ x 18′ storage shed easily with moving rollers. (storage building)

Moving a shed with roller skids, it’s easier than moving it with pipe!

How to move a shed across the yard by hand video.

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8 Responses

  1. Allbbrz says:

    Great idea !!! I want to move my 9×16 floating deck and these rollers are a great solution ! Thanks for posting.

  2. Nick Summers says:

    I've been thinking to do the same., what size rollers did you use, and if moving a 2 car garage, should I use 4 or 6? Just curious what you'd think

  3. 4 Crying Out Loud! says:

    Hi, this is fascinating, and amazing! Thanks for sharing. Like 106. Thanks for visiting, and subbing, my channel. I just subbed your channel also – sub 188. Keep in touch.

  4. Guy Fawkes says:

    you are a genius

  5. sprfitter1 says:

    the rollers are called Hillman Rollers, or nick name Cats Paw

  6. Mikul Lewellyn says:

    Where did you get the moving rollers?

  7. moInAlaska says:

    Great!!! Thank You!!!

  8. J M says:

    Very helpful, thanks for taking the time.

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