How to Harvest and Prepare San Pedro Cactus

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(NOTE: For the third time in my life — out of 3,000 videos — I have disabled the comments to this video. I simply can no longer tolerate the imbecilic comments from these pathetic, clueless San Pedro — and mushroom and ayahuasca — know-it-all snobs who think their way to prepare San Pedro is the only way, and anyone who colors out of their lines is a hopeless imbecile. As I state clearly in this video, this is the way that has worked best for me; if you have a better way that works better for you, USE YOUR WAY!)
In this video, I show you how to harvest and prepare San Pedro cactus. There are a dozen ways to prepare San Pedro, but I have found this straight-forward method is the best (though not for weak stomachs). Happy journey!

Here is a link to the video about the experience I had when I harvested and prepared San Pedro via this method:

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