How to Create Grass in Cinema 4D

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A tutorial that shows you how to create grass and add some life to your scene.

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27 Responses

  1. Space SQ says:

    3:11 does not render like that for me. Using R16

  2. joedesigner says:

    Consider going a little bit slow

  3. avinash ashok says:

    Very helpful. Thankyou

  4. Arijeet Bhattacharya says:

    how can i add the hair simulation in cinema 4d broadcast ?

  5. Paolo Pizzolante says:


  6. E.M. Noah says:

    This is gem! Thanks a lot dude, subbed!

  7. uEmperor says:

    like <3

  8. Guto Zardy says:

    Excellent tutorial!

  9. Danijel Ćelić says:

    Clickbait thumbnail…

  10. Adam Vermeer says:

    SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. I can barely follow man.

  11. ThΞKnight says:

    Some cheap grass in 13 minutes great!

  12. Paulo Sampaio says:

    Amazing! Tks a lot!

  13. Simon Gilks says:

    You explain what works but not why it works. Thank you for uploading this but I want to know why you use each method (for example a shader on top of another shader) in some of the materials you made.
    Also please tell us what you created this tutorial on. A laptop or a desktop? I ask because your rendering times were quite slow for a quite simple scene. Yes grass is a complex creation but there was no reflections etc.
    Thank you.

  14. Crafting Cookie says:

    donwload link please

  15. Mickelodian Surname says:

    Great tutorial, great results, very well presented, very knowledgeable and it shows… only criticism is its waaaaay too fast….. YouTube won't run out of space.

  16. Tamas Urbán says:

    Can i download please?

  17. RuPauls says:

    slow the fuck down

  18. GabrielFogaça says:

    meu deus voce é foda cara voce fez oque eu não imaginava que dava pra fazer valeu me ajudo muito

  19. doneyes says:

    Could you scale the mountain to a real world size and position it super far away for rotating camera purposes?

  20. Eleazar Aziel Y. says:

    nice bruh

  21. chris s says:

    i love how you made a complete scene in under 10 minutes and make it look so good. Great job!

  22. NyroFx says:

    Could u put a downloadlink in the description? My landscape is disgusting xD

  23. Fabulous Zombie says:

    Thank you so much for the help 🙂

  24. Dr. DisRespect says:

    I don't have hair simulation in my R17 broadcast.
    a solution please.

  25. nokah vandenhoven says:

    I have the broadcast version the option grass under the simulate menu isn't available for me

  26. VA says:

    Is GI enabled in this scene?

  27. Joe Cucco says:

    very helpful. i dont know why mine cant look that good 🙁

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