How to Build Your 2019 Lawn Care Marketing Plan (2/2)

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To track your numbers better:

This is Part 2 of a two-part series on building your lawn care marketing plan for 2019. To know how to go forward, you have to start by looking back at 2018. I talk about the numbers you need to know about your lawn care business to decide how to plan your lawn care marketing in 2019.

Again, for keeping track of your numbers and successes, I can’t recommend SA enough:

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6 Responses

  1. ATR Lawncare says:

    Excellent video

  2. Jmannyjr says:

    Thank u for all the videos. Been watching all your video. I’ve own my pool business for a few years. I got 35 loyal accounts that have them year round. All of them agree to letting me take over their yard too. Since all the lawn guys always leave debris in the pool a day or couple days after I leave. So I thought hard about it and want to add lawn care to my business. I’ll have 35 accounts doing their pool and lawn care. It’ll almost equals to almost having 70 lawns or 70 pools BUT I’ll have 35 customers to deal with and they’ll have just one company to deal with. And less driving for me. Now my question is , should I hire a helper? I take under 18mims each pool. And my price for pool maintenance are from $120-$180 a month. I also do filter cleaning every 3-4 months on all pools ($95). And do all repairs too. So I’m trying to figure out if I’ll need a helper since I’ll still be doing repairs to all my customer. Btw I’ll just be doing lawn care. No landscaping. Thank u for all your videos and info.

  3. Michael Giamanco says:

    Appreciate the videos!! Always room for improvement..I still don’t understand how this channel isn’t BLOWING up!

  4. Cory Mullin says:

    I was just wondering what software you use to track/bill your customers. I use Clip software and it has a way to track how or where I got my customers. Thank you for your videos.

  5. The Top Team Lawn Care says:

    I appreciate ur videos, however I never saw your accualy on site work , crew or equipment, are you for real?

  6. Marvin Heyboer says:

    Your video on "your end of year tax savings" video a few weeks ago suggested that I spend 30K on one truck! So, I'm drained of all my cash now and no money for marketing…. Insert SARCASM…. FYI, I've seen most your videos and I know you're not an advocate of buying new vehicles, but the comment on that video I made and the responses proves why winning in this business is easy… When your competition spends 30k on ONE truck, how can you NOT beat that?

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