How flesh-eating pitcher plants trap insects

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The Pitcher plant is a carnivore that uses water to make more effective insect traps.

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  1. jbrabec22 says:

    Ah, some day I hope to be like the higher powers and build some of these things!

  2. Stephanie Lewis says:

    That kind of helped me understand

  3. CM Sameer Chaturvedi says:

    Really can this hppn

  4. Vagana 21 says:

    Y did I eat while watching this?!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

  5. Germozex says:

    Poor catterpies and wirmples

  6. amethyst8teen says:

    One species, Nepenthes inermis, doesn't have a rim (peristome) on its upper pitchers.

  7. amethyst8teen says:

    Also known as the marsh pitcher plant…

  8. Cat Lover says:

    The Albany pitcher plant is a carnivorous plant with highly modified leaves that act as pitfall traps for prey. The leathery, hairy leaves form tapered tubes, with three ribbed nectar-secreting glands running upwards to an elliptical mouth. The attractive bright red mouth has a smooth surface with slippery ridges, and is partially covered by an overhanging, translucent lid.

  9. YouMockMe says:

    I believe the BEST method is used by the Sundew (Drosera)
    I used to have a HUGE gnat problem. I didn't realise how big until I saw my sundew collecting so many. I personally use the Drosera Capensis in my garden.

  10. Scandinavian Viking says:

    We got a badass over here!!

  11. Justwantahover says:

    So were these carnivorous plants vegetarians???

  12. TheDragonxfire says:


  13. elchugilito says:

    Ants walking on the rim then slips: Oh no no no no…. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  14. Lucky Bacon says:


  15. udlock9 says:

    guy is making a joke, u came in as a total ass.

  16. bubblezb51 says:

    Thanks!! I likes plants especially pitcher palnt.

  17. Danny Agetro says:

    *Ants on the wet rim "shit shit shit shit!"

  18. TheNoobPube says:

    ants are dumb lol

  19. TheNoobPube says:

    because your a judgemental idiot

  20. Nomad Tatar says:

    good one dude xD … make my ass laugh off

  21. kidscandraw1 says:

    ITS EVOLVING DONT PRESS B (i think i really dont know i play on playr)

  22. White Fox says:

    0:50 Nepenthes nectar make all the ants walk backwards synchronized lol

  23. John Appleseed says:

    0:16 is not a pitcher plant, its a heliamphora you dumbass scientist

  24. Carlos Gallon says:

    why do I have the feeling those top comments are from virgins?

  25. Chris C says:

    It's the freaking Pokemon! Weepingbell or whatever!

  26. Malik Harris says:

    i guess you can say those ants
    *puts on sunglasses*
    Fell For It

  27. gokunarugo2 - Peter says:

    @elliments I once had a weepingbell at a decent lvl, kicked ass with it…lost it…I was FUCKING pissed

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