Grow Green: Habitat Gardening

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Visit for earth-wise gardening tips and to learn more about gardening for wildlife.

You’ll need to provide four key things for wildlife to come to your garden.
1. Food. This can include native plants that provide a buffet of nectar, pollen, berries and more.
2. Water. A reliable water source is important to attract wildlife. This can be as simple as a small birdbath.
3. Cover. Evergreen shrubs or stacked piles of rocks are examples of ways to offer wildlife shelter from predators and bad weather.
4. Places to raise young. Dense shrubs, a nesting box or a pond are all good examples of places wildlife need to mate and raise their young.
Have fun adding these elements to your garden and watching birds, butterflies and other wildlife arrive. You can protect your wildlife habitat by removing invasive plants ( ) and avoiding pesticide use ( ). You can also get your neighbors involved by taking the Habitat Challenge to compete against other neighborhoods to certify the most new habitats and win great prizes ( ).

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