Gardener :,) | Identity V gameplay

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Identity v ranked match

Today winners are
“*Aboogie*” too many icons bro Lol

1. Wuchang
2. Wuchang
3. Wuchang


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30 Responses

  1. The Flaming Channel says:

    You’re best at every character I don’t know how you do it

  2. мαх says:

    do you think she's really that bad? I enjoy playing her, but there are so many ways to counter her.

  3. Greenlegocats 123 says:

    I played a match with…I was the Smiley Face that camped you xD

  4. Lucky GuyLOL says:

    oh I want to win too
    if you wanna be my friend
    take my ID in your hand:A Later=]]

  5. goku 12 says:

    666 subs oh no

  6. Liyana Bellaliy says:

    As a hunter, how to repair the rocket chair?

  7. -_Rockmen _- says:

    does anyone know what will happen if a cowboy with his lasso gets into a hunter?!

  8. -_Rockmen _- says:

    Eh,why hunters so op?Plz nerf Clown(((

  9. Edwina Guco says:

    Can u plz add me prettysimplr i cant wsit for the giveaway plz but also i love ur channel so much congrats to the winner ur verry good at kiting te hunter minds eye plz

  10. -_Rockmen _- says:

    Best skin in my opinion for Gardener x)

  11. DentleyKogaMagicalWarm says:

    Adds you to your friends and you do not accept my ID 3185585 I play in Europe too My English is not too good

  12. Syalinna Naurah says:

    Why do you use the north persona but not the east one? Do you have any specific reason?

  13. Minecraftx 95 says:

    Play coordinator :). <3

  14. gabri el says:

    soul weaver with detention eyes is a bit scary

  15. lil' maiden says:


  16. Chrona Haru says:

    :') Noice . Gardener is one of my fav character.

  17. Save Me says:

    That cowboy is just plain evil

  18. Lucky Guy says:

    I love Gardener Her can Destroy A Rocket Chair But If I'm Hunter I don't Like Her so much I always attack her First In Game ~
    Video So good First See I think "How to juke Soulweaver With Gardener" hahahahah~

  19. flipdiddlin says:

    Gardener is underrated tbh. She can be really useful at times like 5:46 where she really saves someone in game

  20. Daphné who? says:


  21. • Nogueira says:

    I don't play so much with her. But she's so cool and sweet

  22. motiwor rahman says:

    I kinda think you might be better than perswayable at kiting I know that's a very broad statement but I dunno the first match I had against him he seems to be playing good but I dunno it looked like he gave up or something I'm not sure if he gave up or made a mistake or something but I knocked him out as last survivor I always keep the best till last lol I ignored him knowing he's just gonna kite me but I dunno also this was on lakeside village map he probably hates me and the map lol I tried sending freind invites but he won't accept 🙁

  23. Rai says:

    I love to play gardener in regular games but I don't think I would do too well with her in ranked matches lol

  24. saturn dreams says:

    just played a 2v8 with her, guess what, I won:)♡

  25. Mikasa Flavia says:

    gardner kitter i can do like this also xdd hahaha

  26. #P potatosack says:

    Wait I thought you weren’t posting till the weekdays, don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining though

  27. никита щанкин says:

    The best character in IV (after the lawer)

  28. saturn dreams says:

    It's so hard to make memories, can't wait to buy mechanic!

  29. saturn dreams says:

    Should I stay awake to play some 2v8 or get to sleep because it's almost 00

  30. SyNThETiC says:

    Congrarulations to the winners.

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