Game Grumps: The Green Grass grows All Around

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Sonic ’06: Green Grass and Load Screens Forever – PART 77 (9:55)

Sonic ’06: Jon’s Mom – PART 78 (0:05)

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16 Responses

  1. A Pillow says:

    The version I knew was the rattlin bog.

  2. Jacob Daniels says:

    Thank you for this underrated clip.

  3. Jacob Wheeler says:

    I grew up with this song, too! I used to enjoy it… until I found the irish (and, thus, vastly superior) "Rattlin' Bog."

  4. BodaciousBeaver 421 says:

    In the woods? Fuck you It was in the whole im disliking this… how do you dislike on a phone
    He was paid to do this
    He was paid to do this?… piece of shit

  5. Leudie Blues says:

    I like how Silver moves around while the song was playing

  6. des says:

    Is this like a hole of the bottom of the sea?

  7. The Chosen One says:

    Good times

  8. Drawable says:

    I know that from Barney…

  9. Natsu Dragneel says:

    I'm not a fan of Jon at all, but I'll be honest. This was the least obnoxious video with him yet. I actually felt similarly to him

  10. Lupis Dea says:

    10/10 clip

  11. Silgon says:

    I…I know this song…from summer camp

    There's a……….
    Germ on the speck
    And a speck on the feather
    And a feather on the wing
    And a wing on the bird
    And a bird on the egg
    And an egg in the nest
    And a nest on the branch
    And a branch on the limb
    And a limb on the tree
    And a tree in the hole
    And a hole in the ground
    And the green grass grows all around, all around! And the green grass grows all around! HEY!

  12. ImmaLittlePip says:

    We need Jon and Dan to sing a duet together

  13. ImmaLittlePip says:

    1:05 I know this from a certain remix

  14. ryann says:

    how have i never fucking seen this lmaooo

  15. 2ShyShy says:

    They have still yet to get Meatloaf on the show.

  16. GenericFortniteVirgin says:


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