Flowers no dig for summer, tips on planting and care

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I show how to look after some of the easier flowering plants, many perennials, and the time saved by growing no dig, with a thin mulch of organic matter. This could be wood chip and find some near you if in the USA
We filmed when many plants were in flower! June 12th 2018 at Homeacres in Somerset, SW UK zone 8 climate. Thumbnail is zinnias, an annual.
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Videography at Homeacres and edited by Edward Dowding

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20 Responses

  1. Susan Holton says:

    Thank you for walking me through your beautiful gardens. Its informative with the Latin names. Thank you. Also, it's very peaceful to watch. Thanks for sharing your time to do this for us.

  2. TheMwales says:

    Wonderful, thanks again! This is an area i have been neglecting as of late as i am often only home on weekends. Came just in time as i am ordering flower seed now, before the grasses take over entirely.

  3. Jean Mitchell says:

    Wonderful video Charles, thank you. I adore growing flowers and veggies together, it is so visually pleasing as well as helpful. God Bless. 🙂

  4. Uvix says:

    Well, if you put 3 cm compost on the beds, you actually put abaut 145 kg N/per 10.000 square metres. This is way to much N for flowers!
    At the same time you are putting about 70 kg P2O5 down … this are way to much nutrients (same with potassium)… you are just overfeeding your soil…

  5. Nature's Rest says:

    Hi Charles, I grow several of the same flowers, some I'll start after seeing yours, I'm amazed at how much bigger an stronger your flowers look, compared to mine here in the states, mid Atlantic to be exact. I guess it's a bit hotter here on Maryland's Eastern Shore then there, maybe.?

  6. Aura Harvey says:

    What beautiful flowers! I am so inspired to start seeding some right now in the middle of January in 9A.

  7. gudrun gudrun says:

    Beautiful! A random question to all gardeners out there. Do you all stay up to date with tetanus shots? I am hoping to start doing some gardening. But am very aware that it is about 20 years since my last shot.

  8. Enrique Galindo Gonzalez says:

    Gorgeous garden Charles, it's a paradise. Today I learnt a lot about flowers!! Thank you!

  9. Su Stinchcombe says:

    I have a very heavy clay (to the point of it having actual potting clay less than a foot down!) garden the entirety of which currently is home to a rabbit. However, since his mate died at Christmas and he's now on his own I intend to have him adopted out and to turn the garden to flowers.

    I'm going to use no dig to mulch the surface and to plant up an almost instant garden!

  10. Grant Breckell says:

    As a rule of thumb which veg seed's need bottom heat and which does not

  11. helle hansen says:

    I always love hearing the jackdaws chattering away in the background of your videos. So nice seeing flowers and sunshine on this rather cold and grey day.

  12. Holly Illing says:

    My partner and I have been waiting for this video and we loved it! Have you got any tips for growing lavender? Our lavender wasn't very successful last year despite all the dry weather. We live in Lancashire so it can be quite wet most of the time. Thank you for this video!

  13. Professor Moriarty says:

    Great video Charles. I started a small flower border around my veg patch last year but the long drought killed off a lot of them but I'll do it again this year and keep an eye on it. I'd recommend Poached Egg plant for veg patches, not only is it pretty but it attracts good insects who eat aphids and other nasties. Sunflowers too for Ladybugs

  14. BetterYouBetterWorld V says:

    flowers are a cemetary for missng food resource lol

  15. Valeria Szekula says:

    Thank you so much for the eyecandy! xo

  16. the wildflower meadow says:

    Thanks for show casing the flowers in such a natural setting. Mother nature is always busy producing the seeds. I try to save seeds being a budget gardener so when it comes to collect seeds if there are more then five or six plants in one meter area i can easily get confused on which seed is in there. Your neat way of flower care has given us some pointer to be both beautiful yet vigilant at the same time. love it.

  17. Ayşen Ustunay says:

    Heart warming video. Such wonderful flowers with lovely colours. Thank you Charles.

  18. Michael The gardener says:

    Peonies and roses are my favourite plants

  19. Homegrown Stuffs says:

    I really admire you sir! You have very nice veg. Garden also flowering plants…

  20. Farmer Jones says:

    Delightful! Thank you Charles.

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