Farming simulator 19 | Ravenport Farm | Timelapse #06 | Make silage bales of grass

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Welcome to the Ravenport Farm Timelapse. Today we will make silage bales of grass. First we hook up our rake and make windrows of grass. Then we hook up our baler with bale wrapping function and will make silage bales. Let’s buy a pressure washer and wash our equipment. We hook up our front loader and load the silage bales on the bale trailer. We will carry silage bales for sale.

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1. Song: 90 Miles – Home
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4 Responses

  1. SilentlySniped says:

    where did you buy that trailer? that one isnt in my game?

  2. Luukas oy says:

    Yr good at staking bales

  3. Luukas oy says:

    Ceep going

  4. iNVinCiviLiTY X says:

    Where do you go to sell them?

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