Fall Lawn Care Information

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Fall lawn care information and tips. All the product links can be seen here: https://goo.gl/2E6jbV
Taking care of your lawn in the fall requires some basic information. Doc walks you through some fall lawn care tips.

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36 Responses

  1. Chuck Reynolds says:

    tip on keeping a nice Bermuda lawn in the desert southwest of New Mexico

  2. Ryan Vellia says:

    Still no granular preemergenct available via the link… Do you have a contact that provides you accurate updates regarding product stock?

  3. Matthew LaBorde says:

    Doc, would putting out a 10-10-10 be too harsh right now?

  4. dgs365r says:

    Love all of your videos keep it up buddy!!

  5. Swift X says:

    I think your Bermuda is too tall. Golf course has much lower cuttings. Just wonder how you avoid the leggy issues.

  6. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Hi doc, im here in Canton GA and i had the best bermuda in my subdivision… dark rich green, but there were some few weeds poping up and I used Vigoro i think it was and it fried my bermuda.. so is it damage and cutting it will help it to comeback or is the root likely dead and Im going to need to re-seed in the spring? my grass was so great following your tips and i had to go on my own… that is what i get… pls help

  7. Antonio Balderas says:

    Good morning sir, I have sod that was layed the first week of September. How long until I can put down pre emergent without affecting root development and growth? Thanks in advance.

    Ps. Great videos thank you!

  8. Aaron Jake says:

    Went on vacay for a week. They ate my whole damn yard.haha (I live in Northeast Texas)

  9. Tim Xoque says:

    Thanks Doc. Very informative. Your lawn looks great.

  10. Kirt Breaux says:

    Doc got a drone!! Great footage!

  11. Real life says:

    91 here is NE Arkansas and my lawn is as thick now as it was in July

  12. Bryan Barrett says:

    Most informative and best lawn care tips on YouTube; especially the Bermuda grass calendar. Thanks Doc

  13. Jonathan Scruggs says:

    So thinking ahead for pre-emergents, which one would be best for Bermuda and Fescue lawns?

  14. Ten Pen says:

    Doc can I get the name of the background music

  15. Timothy Wells says:

    Doc you are awesome, thanks

  16. John Lawrence says:

    Doc, you have trees on the backside of your back yard fence. do you have any issues with tree roots growing above ground? In my fescue section, I have twenty plus trees, many are well established trees with massive roots systems and are becoming more observable in the lawn. Do you have a solution or able to provide direction on what one can do with the root to keep from growing above ground and difficult to mow over? Thank you, JAL

  17. llamawizard says:

    I have problems. Virginia button weed everywhere. Patches of centipede in my bermuda. Kylinga and spurge everywhere.

  18. Kiwi Wandering USA says:

    Looks like you're still keeping your lawn pretty high. When do you start bringing the height down?

  19. breeze Lawn says:

    Can you spray super juice out of a permagreen ?

  20. Andrew Walker says:

    Doc, I accidentally mixed up too much super juice. I put a lid on the bucket and sealed it up well. Do you think it will keep for a couple of weeks, or should I mix up a fresh batch when I go to feed again? Thanks!

  21. Marty Garcia says:

    Awesome video Doc!

  22. Tyrant Watchers says:

    How do you get rid of ants I’m having a difficult time letting kids out to play in our green nice lawn. Please help!

  23. 1GuardianX1 says:

    Thanks for the videos Doc, what would happen if you over apply prodiamine?

  24. Foxie Dog says:

    How do you get rid of the stink bugs? They look like they have armor on their backs. Terrible things!

  25. mickyunit says:

    Doc…. I've learned so so so much from you this past summer. And my yard is better for it! Looking forward to see what 2019 brings! Thanks for all the education!

  26. Brad Hoffman says:

    As always, great stuff Doc! Thanks for the update and guidance.

  27. Chris Joyner says:

    I hate Bermuda with a passion, but your Bermuda is looking good.. just not for me

  28. andy creviston says:

    Hey doc. I live in Midwest. I have Kentucky bluegrass. Can I still do your advice ?

  29. Daniel Tosh says:

    Doc I'm having a major ant problem I have tried granules, traps, DIY, and even hired a professional bug service and can't seem to get rid of my ants. do you have any suggestions?

  30. Paul Baratta says:

    Hey Doc, adding nitro to lawn mused Scott’s Winter Guard. Hope to hit it with Milo in 2 weeks and end with Winter Guard. Treated moss today – what did I miss?

  31. Never Stop Never Stop says:

    Great video as usual Doc. I'm on the fence with doing a complete lawn leveling next season. There are just too many areas when running the mower over I'm not happy with. Too much movement from the mower and I would love to get the lawn height lower. Well, I'm in if you are. I'm going to need the winter to get my head right for this so let me know!!

  32. John Fetter says:

    Thanks Doc. I hope to be putting the Andersons 7-1-2 fertilizer this weekend and the Humic DG next week. I am using your 2019 yard calendar for planning and budgeting purposes as well.

  33. Angel Nunez says:

    Thanks again Doc

  34. Ahmad Jones says:

    What can I do for moles in my yard Doc

  35. Christopher Smith says:

    How low do you mow your lawn

  36. Michael Clark says:

    Please show some neighbors lawn. Besides Barb?

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