EPIC SHED HUNTING! 89 Sheds in 4 days! 2018 | Bowmar Bowhunting |

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Nothing quite like finding big free ranging whitetail sheds! We did find a few mule deer sheds too, but mostly whitetails in Nebraska! what great couple days of shed hunting!

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35 Responses

  1. Irish Outdoors says:

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  2. Captain Traps Coins says:

    And I only found one shed ever

  3. TSpider Keeper says:

    In many states its illegal to possess have any antler sheds unless you legally kill harvest the animal

  4. Finnigan Holmes says:

    Nice Sitkagear

  5. Jane says:

    Why do you want them? What do you do with them? Or what are they used for?

  6. Tayc c says:

    Jezz that the first time you've ever shed hunted that property

  7. JACE FOUNTAIN says:

    I feel like this like it is not this easy to find sheds I bet they just set them there and you find them

  8. Logan Colburn says:

    Sooo how many of those sheds were place there by someone?

  9. AVID Hunting and Outdoors says:

    Very great, nice looking footage.

  10. kid outdoors says:

    holy crap cool I live in Beatrice ok weren't that far from where I love when u filmed that video

  11. Jack Hale says:

    I have a broken tine too!

  12. Broc Spears says:

    5 of us found 200 in South Dakota in 4 days, deer population out there is sick. Good times

  13. Shed_Adventures Instagram says:

    Never paid to shed hunt rediculous

  14. Smith Brothers says:

    Totally not all placed…

  15. Glancy Outdoors says:

    Dude i spent a whole day walking the property i hunt found one shed you guys are impressive you know your stuff

  16. JASON 17 says:

    When you pay to go shed hunting, you ain't shed hunting. Anyone reading this and watching this video could find just as many as them, it may look like they are good, but when you are shed hunting on game farms with very high deer densities your going to find a lot of sheds. I have walked already 40 + miles this year and found 4 sheds. That's pretty good for me 10 miles per shed. I bet each person on this video walked maybe 30 miles during their trip and they found a shit ton. Shed hunting ain't as easy as this video makes it look.

  17. donks1516 says:

    Buuuuiuillllllshioiiit. Notice how they didn't show the base on one horn? Staged episode

  18. ground pounder says:


  19. minutemaid1220 says:

    You get to keep them all or does outfitter keep some

  20. J. G. says:

    Can you recommend a outfitter for me. I can’t find hidden hills online. ???

  21. Just Justin says:


  22. Lucas Berggren says:

    I found 3 today

  23. Solitude Outdoor Productions says:


  24. jen roe says:

    What do you guys do with all of them afterwards?  Love the video

  25. Oakley outdoors says:

    Great vid

  26. Emanuel Batdorf says:

    Do you have pay to go hunt them. Is it by invite only

  27. Emily Steger says:

    you should do more bear hunting

  28. Emily Steger says:

    do you bear hunt at all?

  29. Gerald Cahoon says:

    Awesome video! You guys are great!

  30. Brandon Barnes says:

    I would pay to shed hunt a place like this! Unfortunately I’ve been out for over 50 miles this year with only 3 old sheds and 6 dead’s. I’m still putting in the time hoping for maybe one reward! Awesome luck you’re having

  31. Keim Outdoors says:

    "say hi sarah"
    "hi sarah"…

    that had me dyin lol

  32. Kelly Reeves says:

    Is one of those sheds hallow at the base? I can see it on the picture at the end of the video with Josh holding all the sheds. That's crazy if its really hallow.

  33. Outlaw Media says:

    Now thats how you shed hunt!! Love it, great episode guys!

  34. Bradys Jam says:

    Make videos more often because there awesome

  35. Kole0709 says:

    Lol 420 views

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