Don’t Make This Business Mistake

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Talking business and taking risk in the lawn care and snow removal business. Don’t Make This Business Mistake

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  1. Spencer Lawn Care says:

    What's up guy's. If you like these types of videos. Consider Subscribing To Our Channel. Also Follow Us For Some Behind The Scenes Stuff On Our Instagram THANK YOU!

  2. Mason Terhune says:

    You are the best Youtuber I watch your such of lot

  3. Bobby Rangel says:

    Very good, i just keep my self from financing equipment, i cash everthing, but still haven't been able to save

  4. Mike Cooley says:

    He speaks volumes as someone who used to cut full time, don’t overextend yourself. I wound up going into a whole different career full time in 2005. To this day I wish I was still full time in the green industry. What’s your preferred method or advertising Shawn?


    Love your keep it real life as far as owning a business..that is so true about commercial accounts

  6. J .Richardson says:

    Hey check out Countryside Lawns he made a large bag that attaches to the Accelerator that offers alot more room for leaves.

  7. Charley Townsend says:

    Hey Spence why don’t you get an adjustable drop hitch with trim ball then if u get some other additional equipment

  8. Josh Harris says:

    You never going to be truly successful in the lawncare if your cutting grass for payments on equipment

  9. Josh Harris says:

    Why dose everyone think that when you invest in your business that you should see a return in just a few months

  10. thecuttedgelawn says:

    get the ext attachment cost about 356 doubles capacity well worth it with gator blades

  11. Perry Schmoll says:

    Geek the Freak was the man! Miss his videos and his humor.

  12. Easy Go Lawn Care says:

    screw net 30 . I'm going card on file

  13. Lackey Lawn Care says:

    Did you say softball games??… Wow! We don’t start that here in southern TN till middle of February, and I think that’s too early!!.. always cold as all get out!!… lol

  14. frank connerney says:

    Quick question, why do you bill net 30 on noon-contracted work? Even on our commercial properties, all work done outside the scope of our maintenance contract is due on receipt. Just an idea. Hope you get some snow soon

  15. Fence Armor says:

    Always nice to see your passion and hustle! Great lesson to be shared, Shawn!

  16. Benjamin Davis says:

    [email protected]
    Email me and I will call you. I have some advice/tips for you

  17. TODD EBERLEIN says:

    Legit question here. Which rack system do you prefer? I keep seeing greentouch and the defender like you have. I’m needing to pull the trigger this year to get all the crap out of my pickup bed.

  18. chachifeere says:

    snow is hit and miss, at least you will have the plow paid for faster. even here in the toronto, ontario area I have only plowed once and salter 3 times.
    compared to last year we plowed 11 times in December alone. good thing you didn't buy a box spreader this season.
    Even with the mix of monthly guaranteed and pay per plow, id rather buy something a few years old pay cash and don't have payments if its in good shape. if you can get enough good monthly/yearly contracts its good to finance a new salter/truck or plow. then you end up with a 3 year old good newer piece of equipment

  19. D&S Lawn & Landscaping Services says:

    Hey! How do you choose which blowers you’re using at certain times? And I heard the 770 is uncomfortable? Is that true

  20. Chris Davidson says:

    What u think about this weather Spencer?? U making as much $$

  21. Chris Davidson says:

    Big Spencer..what up big dawg!!!

  22. Andy Davis says:

    No snow ❄️ man what’s going on with the weather ?

  23. Andy Davis says:


  24. RUHDD4HVN says:

    The Lawn Freak was doing some strange children videos with his girls. It looked freaky as all get out. But……..whatever his channel switched too was making bank in the YouTube world view wise. I watched a few episodes to see if I could figure out what it was about, but no way was it "normal". He did a 180 from the lawn gig he was doing on YT. Just beware you won't be able to unsee what you see……… Yep, yup, yowsers!!!

  25. James Bowman says:

    drought I just DON'T think about right now…Thanks I'm still waiting for snow to go snowmobiling… my dodge hitch drop is 6inches …

  26. Cristian Cruz says:

    Hopefully we get to see that f250 and boss plow put to work

  27. Chad Odom says:

    Great advice Shawn.

  28. Andrew T says:

    ups..nite shift part time they r always hiring! Just a heads up!

  29. Float Isbell says:

    The quality of your work brings in customers word-of-mouth is a very powerful thing

  30. Curb Appeal Lawn Care LLC says:

    Hey man that plow will see its snow. Its more about was that a service you wanted to get into and you took the jump to offer that with in your company. Man like a few others i watch on here your one of the few i like to keep tabs on. Just an fyi my channel will be going active again soon. Past year was a bad year. But guys like you and some others are starting to get me out of my rut. I will say wish i would have been like some of you when i was younger and getting into this. Keep it up man. And never let someone tell you that you cant. Your business is yours. Run it like you want. Not what others say. We all have opinions and some are good and you can take that in impliment it into your business. Keep grinding man

  31. EZ TV says:

    I paid out of pocket for my starter setup. All in with trailer and all included everything but the truck I am a little over 6k. And have zero jobs setup. Have a few that are thinking about giving me a chance. Did i make a mistake?

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