Day In The Life! | Moss Family Gets A Christmas Tree & A Cheese Ball!

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In today’s video we go to get our Christmas Tree! It’s a really hard decision! I also share a cheese ball recipe with y’all!

Cheese Ball Recipe:
2 8oz blocks of cream cheese, 1 ranch seasoning packet, 3-4 green onions chopped, and 1 sleeve of Ritz crackers. Mix the cream cheese, ranch packet, and onions until the cream cheese is smooth. Transfer to plastic wrap and shape into a ball. Crush up the crackers and roll cheese ball in them. Wrap again in plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to eat.

Hallmark Movie I mentioned in today’s video:

Hallmark Movie Playlist!

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23 Responses

  1. Christy Whitehead says:

    Your children have good manners and there so will behaved I love your ventures at the store

  2. Y so Salty says:

    Love the tree! Jonah getting grapes for the journey!!! 🙂 So adorable!

  3. Jules Johnson says:

    Your family is absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Bobby Trent says:

    I love watching tour videos lovely family

  5. Sox luv 17 says:

    I worked at McDonald's for 4 years. I mixed all the drinks and the teas in my large cup. It actually tasted like you were drinking bubble gum.

  6. Brenda Paxton says:

    Beautiful tree, how much are live trees now? I’ve been married for 28 yrs and we’ve always had fake trees but growing up we did live trees I miss the smell of them at Christmas time.

  7. abeautifulmess 36 says:

    We had to get a new tree this year and Family Dollar had theirs on sale for half price. I got a 6 foot unlit tree for $10.

  8. abeautifulmess 36 says:

    Hey Falon, just wanted to tell ya that if you put Mountain Dew with your water in the tree stand, it will keep your tree from drying out and it will keep it looking fresher longer. A worker at a nursery told my mama and daddy that one year when they bought our tree and it worked.

  9. Nikki G says:

    That tree lot scene appeared to be straight out of a Hallmark movie!!! 🙂 LOVE IT!!! Merry Christmas season, Moss Family! <3

  10. Mary Corbin says:

    The tree is beautiful

  11. Shesacamper 1 says:

    Beautiful tree!

  12. melaniem1028 says:

    Aww, glad y'all got your tree. 🙂 Thank you for the recipe! That looks so good! Titus had him an Arnold Palmer to drink! Lemonade and tea is good together! 😀

  13. theresa smith says:

    Beautiful Christmas tree can't wait to see it decorated

  14. grumpy bear says:

    Great video thank u

  15. Betty Evans says:

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your video.

  16. Terri Morris says:

    Hey Moss family. Love this video. Christmas is such a special time of year, it's wonderful to see you all enjoy shopping and putting up the tree. God Bless!!! He does everyday. Terri.

  17. Lise Bedard says:

    Beautiful tree.

  18. Jenny Jenny says:

    Lemoncrinkels was talking about your channel so cane to check your family out subbed

  19. Robyn H says:

    What a great video! We get a real tree every year. Actually, my entire life we’ve only ever gotten a real tree. They’re the best! Looks like you got a good one! We tagged ours at the tree farm and will be cutting it down this week. I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to see yours all decorated.

  20. Theresa Beauchamp says:

    You will have enough ornaments faith Falon. The answer will be revealed to you soon. We have a big lots here too. When you were sniffing those candles I saw behind you the truck with the tree and I was like turn around Falon.

  21. Rachel Searls says:

    What a fun time! Can’t wait to see the tree decorated!!

  22. Cindy Strother says:


  23. Cindy Strother says:


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