Damedot – Palm Trees

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Music video for “Palm Trees” performed by Damedot.



Copyright (C) 2019 Demario Lamarr Livingston.

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9 Responses

  1. DameHDTV says:

    Like and subscribe to my channel.

    And follow my Instagram @rgs_damedot

  2. Big Draco says:

    Shoes ugly but I spent a band on em..

  3. killa god says:

    Top 3 in the d niggas sleep

  4. wax paper says:

    Yep yep frfr

  5. Cash Wavy says:

    Go crazy dame

  6. Don't Judge says:

    Are you in the mafia ??

    On some simple shit, his shirt cold

  7. YOGI DOPE says:

    Ima say this once , what you tryna get into

  8. planbify says:

    Came out hella hard

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