Composting with the Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler to Enrich the Soil Organically

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We have done much thought about the best way for us start composting. Check out the composter & method we chose to help us along the way.

We will be using this to compost our chicken litter.manure, garden & kitchen scrapes and much more to organically enrich our soil with our own waste!

Lifetime 60072 Dual Compost Tumbler with two 50-Gallon tumblers

Available online at Amazon…..

Here is a smaller 65-Gallon one much more reasonably priced….

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20 Responses

  1. Melanie Fisher says:

    how are they now that you've had them for 3 years?

  2. Maureen Jajko says:

    Do you have an update on how these tumblers have worked for you? I recently purchased some myself and would love an update which including tips, suggestions, etc.

  3. Zdeněk Vacek says:

    Není vše tak jak je na instruktážních videích. Po naplnění kompostéru je docela obtížné s nim otočit. Uzavírací mechanizmus je vyroben obyčejné ocele. Po roce provozu je totálně rezaté. Prodejci udávají, že dojde k urychlení procesu kompostování. Je tomu naopak. Žížaly v normálním kompostéru přemění organické zbytky rychleji než tento kompostér.

  4. carmen ross says:

    I like the explanations that is so detailed and to the point of the topic so i subscribed.. thanks . need update pls thanks

  5. charles reinhardt says:

    I have the same from Costco. The metal on the inside rusted so bad that you cant turn it to open. I just took off the metal stuff on the inside and put a hinge on the outside. The hinges in the inside of any tumbler will not last.

  6. Arlyne Lauro says:

    Looks great. Update please.

  7. BigTVideos says:

    How is your composting coming along using your new tumblers

  8. Cameron Dawson says:

    just wondering why did you copyright this video

  9. Lindie Lee says:

    My mini electric composer has bit the dust so I'm in the market for something larger. I have a question about liquid. My composer produces a lot of liquid depending on what I put in it of course. Do you have a problem with compost liquid? How easy is it for a weak women to turn when it's full? How often do you turn it?

  10. jesus jimenez says:

    $250 de los verdes? Estan pendejos…. Mejor compro caca de gallinas… Muchisimo mas barata. $10 de los verdes.

  11. Quantized says:

    I've had mine for 2 years and was doing great now it's all rusted :(. I wouldn't recommend it overtime use

  12. Marsha B says:

    Hi Brandon. I have one of them. I purchased it at Sams club, last year. It works well. Last season I made a great compost. This season its moving slower. Can't get the ratios right. But I still like mine. Good luck. ….

  13. Soulman1282 says:

    I snapped one of the locking pins off of mine by trying to spin it without checking to see if it was locked first. Also, one of those little corner brackets on the bottom of the cube is coming off. Someday might just bust through. Oh well, still makes compost for now. Eventually I wanna get the Joraform 270.

  14. California Gardening says:

    Nice! Would like to see the update on how it did!

  15. Voltesh Deleon says:

    Can't wait to see the update on how well these worked out for you. Still have not decided on a composter for myself.

  16. Voltesh Deleon says:

    Can't wait to see the update on how well these worked out for you. Still have not decided on a composter for myself.

  17. garden2art says:

    Good for when you have limited space. I have too much to compost, I'd have to have 10 of those. Will be nice to see how well it works.

  18. OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

    Good looking compost tumblers Brandon!

  19. F Rivera says:

    Last fall I started placing the litter from the coop in a rose bed and spreading it throughout the yard. The roses have never look so good this early in the year. They are at least twices the size that they have been in the past. Have started a compost pile with some of the litter to use in the garden. Chickens are one of the best investments that we have ever made.

  20. Jason Haeger says:

    I bought the same one from the same place last year.  It works well.  $150, IIRC.

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