Cake Decorating Piping Techniques: How to Make Drop Flowers

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Using a Wilton Deluxe Practice Board, I demonstrate how to make star and swirl drop flowers with a tip #2D ( The Deluxe Practice Board is available here:, and I’m using CK brand buttercream, which is available here:

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23 Responses

  1. Kristy Wise says:

    So cute

  2. Cuizin' Today says:

    Thanks for this video !

  3. sania raza says:

    Very nice

  4. The Mystic Unicorn says:

    How is your buttercream so good? Mine is always melting after a few seconds when I get it out of the fridge

  5. Melria Anna says:


  6. Niroshani Aponsu says:


  7. Cindy Love says:

    Where can I buy that kit ?

  8. emporiodeacessorios says:

    this kit is part of the kit Ultimate Decorating Set 177 pcs Wilton ? ☆☆☆☆☆☆

  9. Aubrey Cooper says:

    could i do a spray of these on the side of a cake?

  10. Reanne Joy Ruiz says:

    This video gave me an idea for decorating my cake project this coming week.Thanks!

  11. Nikki Rodriguez says:

    if I were to put them in the fridge on the tray like that, would they be hard enough for me to pop off so I can stick them onto a cake?

  12. keiki2121 says:

    With your help I can make the flowers I want on my cup cakes thank you so much

  13. keiki2121 says:

    Could you use the 1f flower piping tip to make the same flowers in your video? Please write back thanks

  14. Anne Devaux says:

    these videos r great but they need to b louder for people who r hearing impared,,,it's sound like it was recorded far away from the mike,,,,thx

  15. Soledad Salinas says:

    where do you buy piping

  16. rag zam says:

    Very nice

  17. Lou Lune says:

    Thank you!

  18. Emily Blackrose says:

    Can I have the icing recipe you used for these drop flowers? Tnx

  19. Jonathan Manalad says:

    This is a Cup cake is a beutiful

  20. shemar thomas says:


  21. Bernice Awini says:

    Miss yeah

  22. makeuplover030883 says:

    what are you practicing on where can it be brought

  23. cakedarla says:

    You're welcome! Thanks for watching and commenting.

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