Buttering Trio – Cacti Juice

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Directed and animated by Jengo

Music by Buttering Trio (KerenDun, Beno Hendler, Rejoicer)

Mastered by Asaf Shay

Out of Raw Tapes’ 10 years anniersary compilation – ‘Puzzles vol.3’



When you make that synthi glide, sends me out to different times, back to when I had no clue
Reminiscing’s afrodesiac, all I want is going back, don’t care about the truth
Let me keep on with my dream, I’ll be sittin and sippin on my potent cacti juice 
In Mississippi or some other rhyming hippie little spot where I could never be of use

The world shines brighter in my sleep 
I’m sliding down my slippery dream 
A thousand bouncing curly sheep 
Oh, what a lovely lovely dream  

Sleeping while I’m being eaten whole, my future liquid in a bowl of someone else’s breakfast stew 
Let the seasons change and when it all comes to an end I’m still yawning in my bed thinking of you
As long as I don’t reproduce you all can go on over-use and throw your waste out in the sea
As long as I’m still in my bed and the inevitable end will not awake me from my dream…

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7 Responses

  1. Yonatan Yudekovitz says:

    take a bite big unicorn

  2. TheGiantRabbit says:


  3. לוקי Luqman says:

    Jengo is WOW !!

  4. Allen Reed says:

    You guys are so good. Love it.

  5. Dburnage says:

    Fagan and becker vibes.

  6. Young Derk says:

    So good <3

  7. jus. says:

    This is awesome!

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