‘Bonsai tree’ aquascape step by step

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In this aquascaping video I’m going low tech and low budget 🙂 I will use this for my new baby shrimp which I was blessed with 🙂 stay tuned for the follow up videos about this simple scape…

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42 Responses

  1. liquidribs says:

    I used Christmas Moss once and had a beautiful scape.. But after three years much of the moss carpeted the soil and killed the other plants. Super hard to get rid of the moss. Worse than algae. Any advise?

  2. Alicia M Soto says:

    whereca buy thewood ? very nice

  3. Thomas Kasser says:

    Very nice, what filter is that you are using hanging on the side of the tanks?

  4. Папа Мочит says:

    Круто! Я тоже делаю акваскейп. https://youtu.be/8YUhEZJxmwU
    Поддержите лайком. Я буду очень рад)

  5. Gary Hoang says:

    Is ada green bacter safe for turtles?

  6. Ronnie Tan says:

    0:400:50 ….. tidied up the rocks, and ended up covering all of them with sand???

  7. Hamza says:

    Superfish bonsai driftwood tree wood or resin?

  8. The Watcher says:

    that little filter needs to be sold all over

  9. Lilly Pad says:

    Do you need to cycle your tank beforehand? And is it safe to add goldfish?

  10. Sobha Priya says:

    How can u do all these? ? ? ! ! ! . Ur amazing hats off.

  11. Chewby Spirit says:

    Thank you for this beautiful video, very nice aquascape, genious into a little aquarium, congratulations.

  12. Rave50ful says:

    WTF?!! This is'nt bonsai!

  13. jizreel lima says:

    Otimo trabalho amigo…

  14. catherine peck says:

    I can't find any fish or plants on the Internet can someone help

  15. Maruf Fahim says:

    can u do a update video of this tank?please……..☺☺☺

  16. sam g says:

    music so boring

  17. Hassain Baig says:

    I.am also trying to do what to buy the things you can say

  18. Brett Shadduck says:

    What size aquarium is it?

  19. Dazza Darro says:

    What filter is this?

  20. Sky M says:

    What did you add at the end?

  21. C_ Farther says:

    Genius! Beautiful.

  22. Alex Sim says:

    Hi. I noticed you just forced the mosses into the Bonsai's branches. Did you glue them? Wouldn't they fall off once you place water into the tank?

  23. Ari Garcia says:

    Excellent video, it is a sign that you do not need to spend a lot of money to have an aquarium worthy of competition, I love it !!!

  24. Tom Sanders says:

    would you need a co2 for this

  25. lorenzo rozzoni says:

    how many litres is this acquarium?

    nice video!!

  26. _BigNig_ _ says:

    keep up the good work. may i know what filter is that??
    thanks 😉

  27. Jiyalal Gupta says:

    Arun gupta and jayesh,sumit

  28. Monday Kidz says:

    how could you stick the moss on bonsai tree…please help me….

  29. Sean Paradise says:

    This is not a fully balanced eco-system, it's just a trick effect to have a fake bonsai.

  30. Noor Khaleel Khan says:

    Hi Adrian, very simple and nice aquascape. I am planning a similar one with just Java moss and Java fern [low budget one 😉 I cant afford substrate now]. I want to know about things like 'ADA Bacter 100', 'ADA Green Bacter' and 'API Stress coat', what are these actually? what is their functionality? Is it really needed?

    And how about CO2, is that needed too? I dint see you using it in this video. Kindly help.

  31. Nigel Baker says:

    Another nice scape Adrian 🙂
    Just wish you would narrate your videos rather than playing music.

  32. volkan çolpan says:

    Hello. Does it need a CO2 system ?

  33. Colbyyy says:

    New subscriber here! Love your tanks

  34. Eric C says:

    Come fix my shit Adrian… I need help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwH8VTuSxIk

  35. Kyle Naicker says:

    Very simplified, but turns out exquisite! Excellent scape!!

  36. TARDIS cat says:

    This looks amazing!!! I would really like to do a bonsai setup with black / dark sand…. do you think that would work?

  37. Phill D says:

    could somebody please shoot, Gunnar Olsen. That music was crap!

  38. Brian Flood says:

    Love the scape and the music – do you have a link to it?

  39. boss bully boy says:

    what kind of filter is that?

    your scape is amazing, very clean!

  40. Chris Bellechasse says:

    did you super glue the moss on or just kind of stick it on there and let the moss naturally grow into those branches

  41. Acquari Low Cost says:

    very nice

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