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Today’s nail art video is a black and white monochrome floral nail art. This is a collab with Mimzie who is doing a pastel rose nail art… She makes very cute designs, so please check her channel out:

So, after applying base coat we need black and white nail polishes and dotting tools – big, medium and small headed ones.
Paint your nails.. I use white over my thumb-, middle and little finger nails and black over my index- and ring finger nails.. let them dry.

Grab the biggest dotting tool and start to draw two flowers on each nail. Always wait some minutes between two coats!
Go on by using the medium headed dotting tool… wait some minutes as well, then finally a small dot in the middle of each flower.

Finish it by using top coat. That’s it! 🙂

Hope you like this easy nail art design.. Let me know it 🙂
Thanks for watching!

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Music by Kevin MacLeod /Life of Riley/

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15 Responses

  1. Thays Ellen Marçal Ellen says:

    Alguém do Brasil ??

  2. Jhaniseik Jhaniseik says:

    soon nice and simple Neil polish

  3. Meena Preet says:


  4. Afqan Musayev says:

    Super oldu

  5. Julieta Poveda Cruz says:

    Muy bien explicado, gracias

  6. Prakalpini Pattnayak says:


  7. soumya mahesh says:

    Lovely nail art. Too cute

  8. Karen Kehler says:

    This is one of my favorite videos ever and I can do these flowers thanks just awesome

  9. P Pandiyammal says:


  10. Divya Ojha says:

    Amazing i love it

  11. Natalie Miranda says:

    me gustan son linda

  12. Sham Sha says:

    So cute

  13. Di Pa says:

    really very easy and lovely nail art both
    I would like to try it

  14. aditi mishra says:


  15. Mabel Bolaños Paladines says:

    Han quedado hermosas pero yo le pondré una piedrecitas en el centro para k resalte más la flores

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