Adding a Urine Diverter + Improving Our DIY Composting RV Toilet

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Today, we’re adding a urine diverter to our DIY composting RV toilet as well as improving our black water tank and grey water tank waste water drains to make using this off grid toilet a little more functional and comfortable while we go dry camping (boondocking) in our off grid RV.
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20 Responses

  1. CC says:

    Use a "square shaped bucket". They come in 4.5 gallons. Or purchase kitty litter in the square container – use the bucket for the #2 part of the toilet and use the kitty litter to cover it up. After you run out of kitty litter, then use less expensive wood shavings or saw dust or peet moss or hamster beding, etc. The bucket will bit if you have a square one.

  2. Sandy Depew says:


  3. NWforager says:

    Urine diverter ..aka A Dollar Store Funnel –_-

  4. robert lombardo says:

    I have a question for number 1 why not a throw away 1 gallon bottle to keep the smell and bugs down from urine. It also prevents spills from ruff driving.

  5. heera rodriguez says:

    Natures Head is way too expensive so I searched for this. Thanks and subscribed!

  6. Dewayne Avery says:

    Just found ur channel.

  7. Dewayne Avery says:

    Didn't understand how the urine got into the black tank ? Also are you going to be able to connect the 2 tanks for greater grey H2 o capacity ? Are U saying U drain the urine out on the ground someplace ? I've never seen a tank installed like that. Is the grey the same way ? I know lots of questions. My wife gets upset by this strait but that's how I learn & was trained when I worked. Thanks.

  8. I'm Not sure says:

    I think oil funnel will be sufficient, thanks for the inspiration

  9. James Long says:

    Those screws will pull through the plastic eventually. Put some washers on the screws (usually 1/4 inch or so), then screw them in, and the washers will grab the plastic and actually cinch it up to the wood. 😉

    I have to mention that plastic isn't self supporting. It will (still) sag and crack eventually. You might take some sheet metal for ductwork and build a little ring to support the plastic as well. 😉

  10. Sadie DeSimone says:

    Nice tutorial. I don’t even have an rv and I found it interesting. You are a natural teacher.

  11. Kimberlee Dady says:

    What do you do with you bags of poo? Are you stationary and actually composting? Or are you just throwing them in the trash when full? Which is not actually composting. That just making it someone else’s problem.

  12. Jharmaine Jharmaine says:

    can u use gray water to flush toilet changing all to black water?

  13. Jeremy Velkoff says:

    you need a shut off valve……. how will you get that cap off and the hose on with liquid in the tank?

  14. Bio Berni says:

    hi guy composting bags for composting "BioBags " made from corn starch quicky biodegradable !

  15. Captain Sam Wilson says:

    Where's your gate valve?

  16. MotherOfManyHorses says:

    $7?! Wow! That's expensive! Try a livestock feed store, you ought to be able to get it for around $5.

  17. Laura Love says:

    I have a question… is your grey water tank drain on the other side of the RV, or the same side as the black tank drain?? It seemed like you indicated the other side of the RV when talking about draining…and I was just curious.
    I am going to go the route you two did and buy a used class C….

    and put my self through endless hours of asking myself why did I do this to… even with the water damage you had to repair on the rig, it seemed to be doable, albeit a pain in the patootie.
    I was inspired by your journey of remodeling and the final results. I AM ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY.
    You both are so personable and articulate… it made binge-watching all of the videos an enjoyable experience. 🙂
    Thank you for such detailed and understandable videos as you remodeled your Harvey…. I am sure there were times during the entire process you just wanted to do it without having the added aggravation of setting up the THANK YOU for that !!

  18. John Saye says:

    Great idea. Looks a lot easier than dumping a one gallon jug of piss every day.

  19. Jayme Capurso says:

    Ive wondered why nobody has diverted their pee into their grey water tank as if it is diluted by 10 to 1 it is known to be safe to feed to plants etc.

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