Abstract floral acrylic Painting demo XL – Abstrakte florale Malerei XL -zAcheR-fineT

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♥ if you need the VIDEO in ENGLISH LANGUAGE: https://gum.co/eJESz

♥ wenn Du VIDEOS in DEUTSCHER Sprache möchtest:https://gum.co/lqCkg

♥ Interested in my stencils? Feel free to contact me through mail 🙂 or visit https://zacher-finet-design.de
♥Schablonen oder Stempel von mir? Schreibt mir gerne 🙂
oder besucht https://zacher-finet-design.de

♥ If it is not already done, take a look to my facebook and instagram 🙂 An artist does’nt live from colours only, he has to be known as much as possible 😉 So thank you for sharing.
♥Wer’s noch nicht kennt oder tut, schaut gerne auch auf Facebook oder Instagram bei mir vorbei 🙂 Ein Künstler lebt auch nicht alleine von Farbe und Ideen… Viele Menschen müssen seine Arbeiten sehen – somit lieben Dank für’s Teilen 🙂


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♥ If you are interested to get a tattoo from me, to purchase an artwork , or to come in a workshop, please send me an e-mail to: [email protected]
♥Wenn Ihr an einem Tattoo von mir interessiert seid, schreibt mir gerne an oben genannte Mailadresse.


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30 Responses

  1. Shirley Mccracken says:

    Awesome so beautiful.

  2. Judi Christopher says:

    One thing is missing…
    You need to be BAREFOOT…
    Get some paint on those Toes…

  3. Daniel Gonçalves says:

    Muito bom, parabéns! 10!

  4. Ellen O'Rourke says:

    Beautiful! I loved the music also.

  5. Ellen O'Rourke says:

    I love this! No need to put the canvas on the wall and use the arms fighting gravity!

  6. Mr O Belaed says:

    Very talented and absolutely beautiful video, hated the music but the painting was extremely beautiful

  7. Laura Britos says:

    Hermosas, además usaste el naranja mi color preferido. Desde Montevideo-Uruguay tú fans Laura.

  8. Sona Khail says:

    I'm not happy to look at you when you paint and just marvel,super

  9. Daniela Mihai says:

    WAW, fabulos!

  10. Debra Lynn says:

    I also so the orb.

  11. Shersan2 says:

    What kind of paint r u using

  12. Karla Dewitt says:

    I just love your paintings ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing how it’s done

  13. María Emilia Negrón says:

    Majestic God bless your talent

  14. Heike Guddat says:

    Dieses Video ist der Hammer!!! Groooooßartig!!!!

  15. Lilis Mello says:

    Parece q esta psicogragando. É mágico.

  16. Lilis Mello says:

    Vc pinta c a alma

  17. Hilda Laffitte says:

    Genia total,,

  18. Sandy McSmith says:

    Hi there, love your work, have seen some of your Poppies on Pin interest as well, and see you have writing in the art work, I am wondering if this is painted on or some other media is used?

  19. Barbara Tibbets says:


  20. Kimberly Kilpatrick says:

    This is sooo beautiful. Can you please tell me what tool you used to spread the paint? Is it a broom with a rubber head?

  21. astrid garcia says:

    Love this,
    Inspired me to start my first painting,
    what acrylics do you use, blessings

  22. Susan Severino says:

    super talented! would love to come & paint with you!

  23. Cindy moss says:


  24. Msflameztv says:


  25. Dr. Rosemary's Tea Therapy says:

    wow- so beautiful and simple! Fantastic talent and so relaxing to watch! I lOVE THIS!!!

  26. Swwati Awasthi says:

    This is therapeutic.. what’s the surface u r working on

  27. Tracey Hairgrove says:

    I love this! It looked like a dance!

  28. Susan Grunbaum says:

    Very cool! Loved watching you create this.

  29. GP GRUP Info says:


  30. Pete Orthmann says:

    Absolute genius.

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