3 of the hottest Christmas tree decorating trends for 2018

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Event planners Alison Slight and Candice Chan showcase the birthday, polar bear, and hyper traditional Christmas tree trends making buzz for the 2018 holiday season.

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41 Responses

  1. MakaylasToyTreats says:

    You know whats awesome? REAL trees, not these synthetic ones that fill our landfills for centuries. We just went to a local farm and did our own tree hunt, it was awesome!!

  2. Adam Reynolds says:

    I guess you research department missed the history of the pickle ornament! Lol if you can find it you get a early gift. Doesn’t work as well on a hot pink tree!

  3. Rene' Barry says:

    There should be a law that bans pink, red, and blue trees as a Christmas atrocity… crimes against humanity's sense of good taste.

  4. STEVEN FLORES says:

    There are a few ways to use a pink tree. If you have daughters at home that are into everything pink then this could work for them, but make sure you help them with choosing a select type of ornaments so that it doesn't seem to be too overly done. You can use a pink tree to show support for a love one who has gone thru a battle with cancer by having a group of people to help decorate with a lot of good filled moments ,like written notes placed inside clear ornaments, so when it is time to take the tree down that love one can read the notes to be happy for the new year to come. As far as these trees go well the ideas are great but the looks aren't.

  5. yadira quintero says:

    mmm… noooo!!

  6. Dickie A says:

    Tacky and horrible.
    Bring in Rebecca Robeson to show them how it's done.

  7. As Always It's Me... Wendy says:

    You trees are ugly

  8. Geo Thomson says:

    Just….no. so very wrong

  9. Sacha K says:

    Please go back and study this aint trends in 2018

  10. Tina Holewinski says:

    It’s a pet peeve of my to see “baubles” resting on branches, they should dangle, and not be a layer of icing on a tree. It makes the tree look tacky and cheap. Separate and bend branches. Start from the inside out. Put more reflective ornaments deep inside so the light will catch the reflection. Make vignettes throughout the tree.

    I know it’s just a Xmas tree, but when I see some of these rookie mistakes from “decorators” I cringe…

  11. Manjula Adappa says:

    Loved the traditional version…

  12. tharrison004 says:

    This is not Christmas Trees.I hate that they tell us these ugly trees are the new trends. .Really a Unicorn Tree.This is why i stopped watching anything mainstream,they push this propaganda on us.

  13. Cherry Ottley says:

    Those trees do not look good at all!!!

  14. MaryEllen Bailey says:

    Putting a pickle on your Christmas tree, is a old German tradition. Its the very last ornament that is placed on your tree, And who ever finds the pickle receives a extra gift.God bless

  15. Russell Bogrett says:

    All three are just soooo ugly it unbelievable!!!!

  16. OreoTime1 says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  17. DENICE LOVES says:

    I lovee them all!


    The black and white one is awesome…I thought of this years ago but mine didn't look this good!!!

  19. Beth Bartlett says:

    The 3rd tree is really pretty – but the topper bow/ribbon blows the classy look – it just isn't attractive –
    I suggest thin ribbon streamers if that is just "a have to have" – otherwise go with a modern snowflake or star and hang stars from the ceiling at staggered lengths all around the tree.

    I'm a Professional Floral Designer and specialize in Holiday and Event Decor.

  20. Kellies Kreations says:

    Love your video

  21. Allure _s says:

    I love the white one imagine it when the living room lights are dim

  22. Lisa Davis says:

    The pickle is an old tradition that the person who finds the pickle in the tree starts with the first gift opening

  23. regnier30 says:

    Those trees are crap…find people that actually know how to decorate a tree

  24. dcentral says:

    Americans learn from Europeans on how to do Christmas. Their decorations look elegant, artistic, classic. Ornaments are hand made while American Christmas decorating looks cheap and plastic.

  25. Mary T says:

    Omg ott

  26. Helga Buttercup says:

    I don't like it a tree is not pink.its green it's ugly .the white tree is beautiful and the green tree is beautiful but do away with the pink its out of place .

  27. Cruising Mimi says:

    The host has no idea what the pickle tradition is about…the decorator would of been a helper if she shared why there was a pickle in the tree. It had nothing to do with unicorns…cute trees!!!

  28. Holly Kurmis says:

    Haha, she doesn't know about the traditional pickle!

  29. Linda Booska says:

    Pretty bland looking trees for professional event planners!

  30. Dianna Perry says:

    Like the traditional. Other 2 are too trendy for me.

  31. Brittney B. Williams says:

    Vomit the trees are hideous


    eew gross

  33. RicaMa Silvers says:

    I thought it was Jesus brithday, how far we have fallin.

  34. Marsha Anderson says:

    Beautiful trees love them all and the pink one really cute

  35. Marlyo Rodriguez says:

    Not a fan of the thick ribbon tree topper but I luv the polar bear tree topper it so cute!

  36. Dawn Ruhl says:

    20 years ago I started using the big ribbon when I was broke and couldn't afford ornaments. It filled a lot of space along with tinsel. Still looks good.

  37. D H says:

    Christmas Pickle explained:: "The Christmas pickle is a Christmas tradition for some people in the United States and Canada. A decoration in the shape of a pickle is hidden on a Christmas tree, with the finder receiving either a reward or good fortune for the following year. DollarTree carries them.

  38. Princess Julia says:

    OHHH what a mess !!!!!! So un stylish !!!!!

  39. Maureen McCrackin says:

    The 'Christmas pickle' is a fun tradition. A glass pickle ornament is hidden among the tree decorations. Children hunt for the pickle to win a prize. We've been doing this for years!

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