2018 Lawn Treatments ~ The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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2018 Lawn Treatments ~ The Good, The Bad, The Ugly is my 2018 year in review (for my lawn). In this video, we look back on our 2018 lawn season; we look back at the successes, the problems, and how we successfully solved those problems.

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21 Responses

  1. Erin Lee says:

    Great job and helpful tips for us! One question. When you did your 6ozs of those 4 Next products cocktail all mixed in same sprayer, how much water did you mix into the cocktail in that big bucket? I have the same 2 gallon Sprayers Plus as you.

  2. Romero Lawn Service says:

    New sub..great video

  3. Allen Sadicario says:

    Looks great Jake

  4. striperman says:

    Jake your lawn this year was the best I have seen it over the coarse of a year since I have been watching your videos. Would you say the N-ext products really made the difference or just a contributing factor as well as all other factors like favorable weather conditions overall that made the difference. I am assuming your regular regiment was basically the same as years past otherwise. Great job with your videos and as good as anyone else do them.

  5. I like Games says:

    Can you make a full product list there are so manys. Or  a full product list video? with links? I cancelled the lawn company going DIY! Going to need some help!

  6. George Savino says:

    Wow !you are really selling a lot of products!

  7. rbljackson says:

    Great job in 2018 Jake. Yard looked great. we have a great community here, and I hope everyone has a great year and green lawn in 2019!! Time to start thinking about pre em soon….hmmm

  8. Craig Matson says:

    Great video! How did the backpack and hand can handle the n ext products? I want to apply them to some areas that I can’t get a hose to.

  9. D S says:

    You need to put a little rubber cement on the exposed nail on your roof to prevent roof rot if it is leaking. Great video!

  10. Steve says:

    Jake, do you ever throw down granulated lime? Up here in the Northeast many landscapers seem to.

  11. Chris Robbins says:

    Keep throwing it down JTLK!!!! Looks great!!!

  12. Jeff says:

    Jake nice video! No over seed or fall pre-emergent?

  13. brading84 says:

    Great year Jake!

  14. Romeo Ramirez says:

    You should make a new advertisement video. Tanks for the videos. Doing great!

  15. Romeo Ramirez says:

    What do you do to advertise your business now?

  16. David Hintz says:

    By far the best 2018 wrap up on lawn care you tube. If you have a Menards nearby, check out the Chick n Poo brand fertilizer if you want. I have a soil test from before I started using it. I used it in the fall. I will pull a new test in the spring and a third in the fall to compare the numbers. Chick n poo is the stuff bro.

  17. Jay Firebaugh says:

    MAN! That was a lot of work! Great job Jake!

  18. Mark Aguglia says:

    You've got a Throw'er Down Fever… and the only prescription… is more Milo!!

  19. Mike says:

    Jake is that what mid western folk do after Christmas? Christmas ends on January 6, when the 3 kings visit Jesus.
    Just FYI

  20. Jim Sca says:

    Awsome summary and great Chanel, did you come up with double dark as a name, I had always assumed it was Allyn.

  21. Fence Armor says:

    Fantastic video Jake, it is always nice to reflect on the years happenings!

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